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Maryland, United States
Government : Military
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The U.S. Government is seeking interested sources in support of a potential Foreign Military Sales (FMS) requirement for the purchase of Network Expansion Services and Network Communications Equipment.

This Sources Sought/ Request for Information (RFI) functions as Market Research to identify interested sources/ vendor companies that can update, expand, and provide technical support for the Colombian Joint Command of Military Forces (COLMIL) integrated network communication(s) system and equipment, as follows:

a) Services will be rendered on site; equipment will be delivered on site. Customer will be the COLMIL.

b) Services will include installation, setup, testing, and inter-operability verification with existing equipment.

c) Equipment and services required:

    1) Quantity five (5) CERAGON IP20N RFU D-HP 4+0 microwave radio link 
    amplification (or equivalent), composed of: 08 RFU D-HP, 02 IDU IP-20N, 02 
    control cards, 08 MODEM cards, 02 data cards, installation, and all necessary

    2) Quantity five (5) installation kits for radio link amplification, integration, and
    migration of services. 

    3) One (1) year technical support

    4) Quantity twenty (20) cards for data equipment MPLS, Nokia SAR-8 Part # 3HE
    02774CB (or equivalent), with integration and installation.

d) Equipment and services are required to provide wide-band capability and to expand the network to benefit military units located in the northeast part of the country.

e) Customer Country (Colombia) has the facilities and capacity to perform operator, corrective, and preventative maintenance up to Level II.

f) Material(s) must comply with established agreements under the NATO Codification System (NCS) or provide the following information on each piece of equipment: name, part number (P/N), data sheet, catalog of parts, NATO number (if applicable), any available drawings, expiration information, next-higher assembly, final disposal instruction(s), transportation, and packing condition(s).

Interested sources/ vendor companies must be ISO 9001-2008 certified and registered with Central Contractor Registration (CCR).


Interested sources/ vendor companies should submit as concise a response as practical on 8.5X11 inch pages with a font not smaller than ten (10) point(s), wherein interested sources/ vendor companies shall convey capabilities and intentions, be it via brochure, data sheet(s), or descriptions of possibly qualifying service(s) and/ or item(s). There should be enough information to show that the interested source/ vendor company is capable of fulfilling all requirements detailed herein.

Responses to this Sources Sought/ RFI announcement shall be submitted to Army Contracting Command- Aberdeen Proving Ground (ACC-APG) Contract Specialist Andrew C. Mitchell, in either Microsoft Word of Portable Document Format (.pdf), via electronic mail (email) address, not later than 4:00PM Eastern Standard (IST) on 26 June 2019; reference this Sources Sought/ RFI number in the subject line of the email and on all enclosed documents. Information and/ or material(s) submitted in response to this request SHALL NOT be returned. DO NOT SUBMIT CLASSIFIED MATERIAL(S). Telephone inquiries will NOT be accepted or acknowledged, and no feedback or evaluation(s) will be provided. No telephone or email solicitations with regard to the status of any [potential] resulting award(s) will be accepted prior to release.

If your organization has the potential capability to provide the required services and supplies, please provide the following:

1) Organization Name, address, primary points of contact (POCs) with respective email addresses, web-site addresses, telephone numbers, and type(s) of ownership for the organization.

2) Tailored capability statement(s) addressing the requirements of this request, with appropriate documentation supporting claims of organizational and staff capabilities. If
significant subcontracting or teaming is anticipated, organizations should address the administrative and management structure(s) of such arrangements.

All data received in response to this Sources Sought/ RFI marked or designated corporate or proprietary will be fully protected from any release outside the U.S. Government.

Andrew Craig Mitchell, Contract Specialist, Phone 4102789794, Email

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