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Renovate Building 303

District Of Columbia, United States
Government : Federal
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This solicitation is being solicited to the Contractors on the Small Business Multiple Award Construction Contract (MACC).  Those Contractors are G-W Management Services, LLC (N4008017-D-0022), Desbuild INC. (N40080-17-D-0023), CFM/Severn JV (N40080-17-D-0025), Ocean Construction Services, INC. (N40080-17-D-0026), CER (N40080-17-D-0027), and Tidewater (N40080-17-D-0028).  A synopsis is not required because of FAR 5.202(a)(11) which states the proposed contract action is made under the terms of an existing contract that was previously synopsized in sufficient detail to comply with the requirements of FAR 5.207 with respect to the current proposed contract action.

For This solicitation, the Contractor is responsible for providing all labor, materials, equipment, and supervision to provide full interior renovation of and exterior improvements to an existing registered historic building of approximately 12,278 square feet (SF) for office use. Historic preservation and rehabilitation of building materials is included in the work. Work includes, but is not limited to, interior systems, floor, and roof demolition, floor and roof replacement, elevator installation, new exterior doors and windows, new interior partitions, ceilings systems, wall and floor finishes, new HVAC and plumbing systems, new plumbing fixtures, new lighting and electrical fixture replacement, and reconstruction of existing vestibule. Project shall include an evaluation of the existing electrical service, phone capacity, and NMCI switch capacity to validate infrastructure for the additional requirements. Site work includes parking, landscape, and utility improvements. Compliance with High Performing and Sustainable Buildings (HPSB) Guiding Principles and pursuit of Third-Party certification is required.

The Contractor shall assume the presence of hazardous materials for the purposes of bidding based on a limited hazardous material survey conducted at Building 303 which produced a report dated June 21, 2018. Prior to commencement of the work, the Contractor must engage a suitably licensed consulting firm to conduct a complete hazardous materials survey of all building areas. The firm must produce a Hazardous Materials Report of the conditions and findings of all hazardous materials and assist the Contractor in completing the appropriate UFGS Hazardous Material Specification Sections. The Contractor must then engage a Hazardous Materials Remediation Company to create a Hazardous Materials Remediation Plan for submission to the Owner and the Contractor's Consulting Firm for review and approval prior to starting the Remediation portion of the Work. The Remediation Work must be performed by the Remediation Company in accordance with the specification sections produced by the Consulting Firm which will be engaged to monitor the project conditions and conduct a final survey to certify the project site free of hazardous materials prior to starting the remainder of the Work. Requirements shall be coordinated at the preconstruction meeting. The Contract Bid and Work will include the survey, report, plan, remediation of Lead Paint, Mold, suspected Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM), and any other hazardous material described in the new report.

Kirk E. L. Thorne, Contract Specialist, Phone 3017442188, Email - Sentrae Davis, Contracting Officer, Phone 301-744-2185, Email

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