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Please see Pre-Bid Site Visit Questions/Clarifications Re: Rehabilitate Mission San Jose Convento Masonry Walls. NOTE: THIS AWARD WILL BE BASED ON THE FOLLOWING EVALUATION FACTORS: PROJECT MANAGEMENT, RELEVANT SIMILAR EXPERIENCE, PAST PERFORMANCE AND PRICE. This award is not based on low bid, it is a combination of price and how the work will be accomplished that provides the maximum value of the work accomplished to preserve the structure and provides the best value.


- How bid proposals to be provided/made? Per the solicitation documents the preferred method for submitting bids is via e-mail to Marsha Wagner the Contracting Officer. Mailing bids is an acceptable alternative, but again, not the preferred method.

- Is a bond actually required? A bid bond is required as part of the bid process and should be included in the Contractor's proposal. As with the bid itself, the preferred method is to submit an electronic bond via e-mail. Again, a bid bond is required and your bonding agent should be able to assist you with what should be submitted electronically to meet the requirement. A construction bond will be required following award.

- Is the 22 Apr 19 Scope of Work the correct version? Yes, the 22 Apr 19 version is the latest version. It is unknown why the solicitation lists the file name with a 13 May 19 date. Again, the Scope of Work dated 22 Apr 19 is the latest version even though it has 13 May 19 in the solicitation file name.

- Contract Line Item 1: Stabilize/repair/modify/repoint second floor of North wall, Northeast corner. Questions were asked about the need/requirement to disassemble and rebuild the second story of the North wall, Northeast corner. The HSR did discuss this approach; however, the SOW specifically spells out the Contractor shall determine the extent of this disassembly/rebuilding. The SOW states past work may have resulted in conditions that will only require the upper rows of masonry to be removed and rebuilt versus the entire wall. It was agreed to on-site that disassembling/rebuilding the upper six courses (+/-), but not below the bottom of the arches at the top of the window was an acceptable reasonable starting point. However, the Park reserves the right to pursue additional disassembly/ rebuilding via a change order and the Change Order Clause of the Solicitation/Contract if work to the agreed to level reveals a requirement to disassemble/rebuild more of the wall. Possible additional work shall not be priced into the Contractors proposals. The Park will allow the use of dowels to tie/pin the perpendicular walls on the inside in to the area of the North wall being reworked if it's deemed as absolutely necessary. The Park will use that determination to pursue SHPO's concurrence.

- Are there any drawings that can be scanned? No, the HSR provides the best and most accurate resources available. The HSR drawings, pictures, etc., are of high enough quality they can be enlarged/expanded by the Contractors to provide the necessary detail. The original CAD drawings utilized in the development of the HSR will be provided to selected Contractor for their use.

- Linear feet of plaster edge stabilization/repair. The attached spreadsheet provides this information. The pictures and measurements used to come up with these figures can be accessed via the secure website referenced in the SOW. As stated in the SOW, the Contractors are still required to validate these measurement and quantities. Also, as stated above, the HSR drawings, pictures, etc., are of high enough quality that they can be enlarged/expanded to provide the necessary detail and allow any required information to be derived/pulled from the HSR. The park has used those drawings to measure the LF of plaster edge stabilization. The attached Excel table indicates what areas were measured and how they were designated on the measured drawings. Hidden columns correspond to the measurements on the drawings. The drawings with measurements recorded will be uploaded on the secure file transfer site and provided on request. The Contractors can utilize this information to calculate square footage if so desired.

We also recommend all the Contractors reread the SOW and HSR carefully in order to ensure they're familiar with all the requirements and expectations for the proposals. The HSR provides more than enough detail and information to answer most of the questions regarding quantities, conditions, possible repair techniques, etc. The Contractors should utilize this tool to develop their recommended/proposed solutions.

Answers to questions received after the site visit can be found below:

1. It was discussed at the site visit that the contractor will be permitted to stage adjacent to the north wall on the outside of the Convento structure. Please confirm if this is an acceptable area for contractor staging and state how much area will be permitted for use? -- As discussed at the site visit the Contractor will be provided a staging area outside of the North wall or the fenced in Park compound just down the hill. The final size and location of the site will be determined during the pre-construction meeting.

2. It was discussed that temporary electric power is available for contractor use. At what locations is electric service available? -- Access to electrical power will probably be from the area around the North restrooms, just North and West of the wall, which may result in the need for a generator in some locations if the distance is too far. The Park may elect to provide temporary service in the immediate area. This will be determined at the pre-construction meeting based on the selected Contractor's requirements.

3. What size breakers or service is available for contractor use? -- Selected Contractor will need to make their requirements known before or during the precon and the Park will accommodate where possible.

4. Where in relation to the structure is water service available for contractor use? -- Either the water spigot near the North restroom or the pump area of the grist mill, which is located approximately 100 ft North of the North wall. As above, this is actually a topic for the pre-construction meeting with the selected contractor.

5. Will contractor be permitted to use public restroom located adjacent to the structure? -- At this time yes; however, the selected Contractor will be responsible for ensuring the restrooms remain clean as a result of their us. If the Contractor prefers to contract a porta potty service that will be authorized. Final location to be determined during the pre-construction meeting.

a. Or is the required to provide temporary sanitary facilities for the work crew? -- See above.

6. Where may the contractor stage a dumpster for the project? -- TBD Final location will be determined in coordination with the Church once the size is known. This is a topic for the pre-construction meeting as well.

7. Please confirm if temporary fencing at work areas can be snow fence or other similar light weight barricade type material? -- Yes, this is acceptable.

8. Will NPS limit contractor use of site or footprint of work area around the structure during the course of the project? Or will contractor be permitted to stage and execute work in the most efficient manner possible? -- The selected contractor should submit a work plan for the most efficient approach to the overall project. The Park will work with them to accommodate that work plan; however, some adjustments may be required due to the impact on the church or at specific times due to possible church events, but in general the intent is to turn a specific area over to the Contractor when working in that area.

a. If limitations on staging of work are expected it is recommended to require the
contractor to submit a staging/phasing plan with the project schedule in the technical proposal to identify the contractorB?s phasing plan in advance of award of the project. Will NPS require such a phasing plan for the technical proposal? -- The selected Contractor is required to provide the Park a work plan for approval prior to starting work. The Park will work with the selected Contractor to meet as many of their desires/requests as possible.

9. Please confirm if the contractor will be permitted to work Saturdays on a consistent basis if requested? -- As discussed at the site visit, work will be permitted on Saturdays, except when special Park or church events preclude working a given Saturday. Requests for specific Saturdays shall be made by the COB the prior Thursday. If the selected Contractor requests blanket approval to work all Saturdays, they must notify the Park by COB the prior Thursday if they've decided not to work a given Saturday.

10. CLIN 1 identifies work required to repair the North Wall at the Northeast corner by dismantle and reconstruction of a potentially large portion of wall. At the site visit it was discussed and agreed by all in attendance that such a large area of reconstruction did not appear to be necessary. Please clarify and confirm this is acceptable to NPS by outlining on a photograph or providing a SF area of reconstruction (full width) from the top of the wall to the level of base
level reconstruction? -- See above. The selected Contractor shall recommend the extent of work based their expertise and recommendations in accordance with the SOW and additional guidance provided above.

11. Scope of Work document dated April 22, 2019 states that NPS has quantity of stone and will provide that quantity of stone to the contractor for use on the project. What quantity of stone does NPS have on hand for replacement? -- The amount of stone is unknown, but sufficient enough to meet any needs.

a. Will NPS supply/provide all replacement stone needed for the project. -- At this time that is the Park's intent. If something changes, it will be address as a change order under the Change Order Clause of the Contract, but this is not expected.

b. Or should contract include costs to purchase new stone for replacement purposes on the project? -- See above, the Contractor shall not include the cost of new stone.

12. At the site visit stabilization and preservation of the historic plaster and scratch coat was discussed related to CLIN 4 Additive A. It was discussed that use of ethyl silicate is not a preferred treatment and should be avoided. Please confirm this is correct? -- This is correct.

a. It was also discussed that lime spray consolidation would be a preferred treatment if approved by SHPO. Please confirm contractor should plan to utilize lime spray consolidation treatment where appropriate for stabilization of the plaster and scratch coats? As discussed at the site visit and spelled out in the scope of work, it is our expectation that the Contractors' shall provide suggested ways ahead based on their past experience and expertise. The Park has no intent of dictating a solution(s). The objective of how this project was approached was to utilize the expertise residing in the Contractors to provide options that would allow the Park to select the best value in selecting a Contractor. Remember this is not a low price, fixed cost contract, the Contractor whose proposal is deemed the best value is the one that will be selected to perform. The lime spray was simply an example of approaches that have been tried, discussed or considered in the past. If a Contractor feels this is the best approach and the Park concurs we'll work with SHPO to gain approval, as would be the case regardless of the selected approach.

13. Scope of Work document dated April 22, 2019 only mentions mockups in two locations related mockups of lime based mortar for crack repairs. Will other mockups be required for stone wall reconstruction, repointing, cement wall cap, plaster stabilization and biological growth cleaning? -- Yes, expectations are the selected Contractor will either do mock-ups or a small section of work that will be approved prior to progressing with the remaining work.

14. If an archeologist is needed for monitoring of any work for any reason including minor excavation, is it the contractorB?s responsibility to pay for that archeological monitoring? -- At this time, the Park will take responsibility for any monitoring. If it becomes too extensive and it's requested the Contractor take responsibility for it will be addressed as a change order under the Change Order Clause of the Contractor. The Contractors' shall not include a cost for this in their proposal.

15. Relative to CLIN 4 Additive A for cleaning and preserving of historic plaster, please provide definitive quantity of edge stabilization that will be expected of the contractor as a basis of fairly applying costs to the project. What is the expected LF quantity of plaster edge stabilization? -- See above. While the Park will provide estimated LF and square footage, it is the Contractors' responsibility to validate and to utilize their expertise in making recommendations as to how much edge stabilization, etc., is required. Again, the intent is not for each Contractor to bid on a select quantity of work.

16. Protection of existing plaster and scratch coat through the structure during other repair process is required in the project documents. At the site visit it was discussed that the primary method of protection would be to cover plaster and scratch areas at risk of damage or alteration by other repairs with heavy plastic or canvas type tarps. Please confirm this manner of protection is consistent with what NPS expects for protection of the plaster and scratch coats? -- As with other areas, the Park is not dictating the solution. We're expecting the Contractors to utilize their past experience and expertise to make a proposal based on what they think is the best solution.

17. It was further discussed that means of installing such plastic or tarp protection shall not damage existing substrates by installation of the plastic or tarps with pins/nails or other mechanical methods that can/will damage to existing substrates. Please confirm the contractor will not be permitted to mechanically attach protection to vertical or horizontal masonry substrates? -- No, attachment can only be made to readily repairable areas, i.e., mortar.

18. Please confirm if the contractor will be permitted to attach plastic or tarp protection for plaster by means of tape as long as tape residue is not left on stone masonry when protection is removed? -- Yes, provided there is no residue or damage to the stone surface.

19. What limitations are there around the structure for use of manlifts for access? Are there any restrictions on bearing surfaces for use of manlifts? -- There are no known limitations. Locations of sprinkler lines will be discussed during the pre-construction meeting, but the Park will more than likely turn them off and be responsible for any after the fact repairs.

20. What limitations are there for erection of scaffold around the structure as it relates to scaffold stabilization? Is it permitted to brace scaffold against the masonry structure of the Convento? Or is scaffold required to be 100% freestanding without bracing against the structure? -- Unless approved otherwise, scaffolding will need to be free standing and not braced or anchored to the structure.

21. CLIN 3 for repointing of mortar joints designates that 2,500-5,00 SF of repointing will be required around the entire structure. It was discussed at the site visit that a survey of the structure will be required by the contractor after mobilization to site to confirm areas of repointing and how the 2,500-5,000 SF of repointing will be applied to the structure. Please confirm the contractor is to include costs associated with survey efforts to determine priority areas for repointing of up to 5,000 SF in coordination with NPS? -- Yes. NOTE: The HSR and measured drawings provide detailed guidance on the condition of mortar joints and should be utilized to determine the square footage of repointing for this project.

Wagner, Marsha

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