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Rocky River Hydrological Assessment and Wetlands Restoration Plan

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South Carolina, United States
Download the rfp file: Rocky_River_Wetlands_RFP_Final.pdf.

Introduction and Background
The Rocky River is an urban waterway that flows 50 miles through Anderson County, including the City of Anderson in the Upstate of South Carolina. It has a long history of degradation and abuse, including channelization of the river in the 1980's and subsequent degradation of adjacent wetlands. Despite that history, the Rocky River and its associated wetlands are poised for a return to prominence due to substantial local interest within the Anderson community. The Rocky River Conservancy (including Upstate Forever) is an association of organizations that are working to determine how best to restore, protect, and revitalize the Rocky River and associated wetland areas. A keystone for this effort is the creation of a nature park on the portion of the property owned by Anderson University.

Request for Proposals
In support of the Rocky River Conservancy's goals, Upstate Forever seeks proposals and statements of qualifications from firms interested in providing a Hydrological Assessment and Wetlands Restoration Plan for a portion of the Rocky River in Anderson, S.C. The general study area is approximately 158 acres, which includes a focus area of the 120-acre portion of Anderson University's property. (See Appendix A - Rocky River Map). Access to the Anderson University property is ensured but other tracts may have to be evaluated remotely.
The scope of the work under this request for proposals must address the following:
For the Hydrological Assessment:
An appropriately designed technical evaluation of the general study area's current and historic topographic and hydrologic features, including but not limited to the location and elevation of the river channel, culverts and other hydraulic structures and features.
Delineation of the current and historical wetland boundaries in the study area, consistent with the level of access to the property.
Creation of appropriately scaled maps reflecting the findings of the above evaluation and delineation.

For the Wetlands Restoration Plan:
An evaluation of the original wetlands characteristics using historic information, the hydrological assessment, and other relevant field observations.
A proposal to restore and/or enhance the approximately 110 acres of wetlands within the general study area to maximize the sustainable wetland functions, taking into consideration its eventual utilization, in part, as a public nature park. This proposal must include a detailed plan, appropriately scaled maps, a budget estimate, and, for the Anderson University property, preliminary engineering drawings.
Must consider the immediate study area and potential hydrological impacts of restoration / enhancement activities on potentially-affected upstream, downstream, and adjacent landowners.
Must highlight activities that are likely to require permitting by the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control, or other governmental approvals.

Work Product:
The work product will be written reports documenting the Hydrologic Assessment and Wetlands Restoration Plan. Each report must include thorough explanatory narratives and supporting documentation, where appropriate, and be provided in hardcopy (10 copies) and electronically in pdf format. All geospatial data created must be consistent with Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) endorsed standards ( and all maps must be provided electronically as complete GIS map packages. The resulting work product from this project shall belong to Upstate Forever and will be shared publicly for educational and other purposes. Pursuant to the schedule below, all work product elements must be presented as a draft for review and comment by Upstate Forever before being finalized.
Payment schedule will be determined based on contract schedule and completion of work. Contractor must provide a written progress report on at least a monthly basis for the duration of this project. A draft of all required work product elements must be provided to Upstate Forever on or before December 31, 2013. All work must be completed and final work products provided to Upstate Forever on or before January 31, 2014.

Additional Requirements:
The proposal must include contact information (including phone numbers) for three professional references.

Proposals must include an itemized budget that does not exceed $30,000.

This project is funded by an Urban Waters Grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to Upstate Forever. As the recipient of this grant, Upstate Forever must comply with certain federal requirements. Where applicable, the award of this contract will likewise be subject to such requirements. (See Appendix B - USEPA Conditions).

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