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Texas, United States
Government : Military
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This Request For Information (RFI) one of several steps taken to provide the Army and Air Force ******** Service (the ********) with an ************* of of automotive that are ********* in the . In the first phase of the ******** the survey will be screened and the result will a list of Potential that appear to meet the ********'s core requirements. The contents of this RFI document are as follows:

I. Introduction
II. ******** Overview
III. General Potential Distributor Information
IV. Technical Information

I. Introduction:


The ******** is currently requesting information regarding potential concessionaire service providers to sell new and Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) automobiles, motorcycles, and leased vehicles to authorized Department Of Defense (DOD) military and civilians stationed or TDY (Temporary Duty (U.S. Military)) for more than 30 days outside the continental US at various overseas military installations. The term "concessionaire" will be referred to throughout this document. A concessionaire is defined as the owner of a concession operation that pays either a fixed sum or a percentage of revenue to an entity with the ability to assign exclusive rights for an area or facility. The information requested will focus on industry standards and technologically updated methods and processes. The ******** may consider a single source to function as a concessionaire providing the necessary infrastructure to manage an overseas new vehicle sales program; however, individual contracts may be considered depending on what is more efficient and cost effective to the ********.

Your responses may be sent to Scott Rose at ----.

All responses will be reviewed and a formal Request for Proposal may be issued at a later date.

Responses to the RFI will provide the project with more detailed information to help further differentiate the Potential Distributor solutions. In addition to highlighting the best alternative(s) for the ********, this evaluation will increase the ********'s confidence in, and ************* of, the ********* dealers/ in the , their methods and processes that may be implemented and the effort required to perform the implementation.


Several Potential will be solicited to respond to this RFI. The receipt of a response to this RFI from a Potential Distributor does not imply any contractual obligation on the part of the ******** nor does it create any further obligation on the part of the ********.

The ******** considers this RFI and all correspondence, electronic, oral or written communications, documentation, business dealings, or related activity in connection with the RFI to be confidential in nature. The ******** does not wish its activity with regard to this RFI to be ********* to anyone other than the Potential ' own personnel (on a "need to know" basis). Therefore, the Potential Distributor may not disclose to anyone other than (i) ******** personnel directly involved with this RFI and (ii) the personnel authorized and assigned by the Potential Distributor to act on behalf of the Potential Distributor in connection with this RFI. All materials contained within your response to this RFI will be treated confidentially. This information will, however, be made ********* to all project team members to assist in the evaluation process.

Responses to this RFI will be considered as informational in nature and only an executed contract between the parties will create any obligations on behalf of the ********. All written and oral information presented during the procurement process and all responses to this RFI may be made part of any final agreement or contract between the ******** and the selected source(s). Responses must be signed by an individual authorized to make contractual commitments for the Potential Distributor.

In keeping with ******** policy, issuance of this RFI does not commit the ******** (i) to pay any costs incurred by a Potential Distributor in the preparation and submission of a response or (ii) to procure a contract for any services. No materials or labor will be furnished by the ********. Only an ******** contracting officer can legally commit the ******** to the expenditure of funds in connection with this proposed procurement.

Potential Distributor Response Requirements

In order to control the RFI process and allow equal opportunity for each Potential Distributor, the following guidelines must be followed without exception.

All responses must be in written and electronic (MS Word and Excel, versions 2007 or later) format.

Please include any brochures, descriptions or technical documentation that supports your responses to this RFI or you think will be useful to us in our evaluation; however, we are more interested in the quality of your response rather than the quantity of your response. We are interested in assessing your capability and interest.

We are requesting that your written response to the questions below and any hard-copy materials be received by the ******** on or before the deadline date specified in the cover letter.

We will rely upon all representations made by your representatives, whether verbal or written, during the evaluation processes. As a result, only fact-based and realistic commitments/information should be conveyed. Your representation and expertise in this type of process is greatly appreciated.
Contract Documentation

Any final agreement executed in connection with or arising out of this RFI will be issued by the ********. A copy of the ******** General Provisions, Labor Provisions, and Special Provisions are provided for information as part of this RFI. The ********, as an instrumentality of the U.S. Government, has limited flexibility to negotiate these provisions.

II. ******** Overview:

The Army and Air Force ******** Service (the ********) is a federal instrumentality that is a unique organization within the Department of Defense. The ******** utilizes non-appropriated funds and sales revenue to offset operating costs. The ******** returns its earnings to its customers through improved facilities and payments to Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) programs.

The ******** has a two-fold mission that has remained essentially unchanged since the military ******** system was ed in July 1895:

 To provide quality merchandise and services at competitively low prices to its customers.
 To generate earnings to provide a dividend to support Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) programs.

The ******** operates nearly 2,700 facilities in 34 countries, 49 states, four U.S. territories (Guam, Puerto Rico, Northern Mariana Islands and American Samoa) and the District of Columbia. These include main ********s (PXs and BXs), military clothing sales stores, specialty stores, movie theaters, vending centers, restaurants, personal service concessions, gas stations and auto repair facilities. From its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, the ******** oversees a global organization that is divided into 5 regions: Eastern U.S., Central U.S., Western U.S., Europe and Pacific Rim. The ******** also has 40 contingency locations in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, Jordan, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

The ******** is the 61st-largest retailer in the U.S. The ******** serves a customer base of 24.5 million active-duty military; retirees; National Guardsmen; Reservists; 100 percent disabled honorably discharged Veterans; all other honorably discharged Veterans (online only); authorized Public Health Service associates; authorized National Oceanic an...

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