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Replacement of Rivets, John H. Kerr Powerhouse

Alabama, United States
Government : Military
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Solicitation Number NAICS Code 336611 of 11 failed rivets, at the J.H. Kerr Dam, *********
15 Days
******** of the 11 failed rivets, or the of all 60 rivets and the butt strap at the John H. Kerr Dam, County *********
Market Research and Sources Sought Notice for information on capability and availability of potential contractors interested in proposing on a Firm Fixed Price Contract to replace 11 failed rivets in a number of spots. .H. Kerr Dam is located on the Roanoke River in Virginia, creating Kerr Lake. The Powerhouse has a 5.5-foot diameter riveted steel penstock for a station service turbine that has failed/sheared rivets in a number of spots. The Government is considering in-kind of the 11 failed rivets, or the of all 60 rivets and the butt strap. The penstock wall thickness is approximately 3/8 inches and the butt strap approximately 3/8 inches and 12 inches wide. The rivet dimensions are approximately 1-1/4 inch at the shank and 3 inches long.  This Sources Sought Notice is not to be construed as a commitment by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Mobile District to issue a solicitation or ultimately award a contract. Neither unsolicited proposals nor other kinds of offers will be considered in response to this Sources Sought Notice. This Source Sought Notice d...

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