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Replace Air Handler AC-S2 P/N:589A4-17-107,

Kansas, United States
Government : Federal
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Scope of work: The ******** air handling unit S-2 at the Harry S Truman Medical Center located at 800 ******** Drive in Missouri. The unit is in the 7th floor on the roof of ******** 1. The contractor will be *********** for making connections from the discharge side of the existing unit to the discharge side of a temporary air handling unit located on the roof for providing temporary conditioned air to the space served by the existing air handler. After the existing unit is demolished and the new unit is installed and tested the contractor will re-connect the discharge to the new unit and complete test and balancing to commission the new unit.
Phasing: In order to maintain conditioned air to the space served by the existing unit the contractor will have to incorporate phasing into the project. Phase 1 will be to penetrate the wall and route from the existing temporary air handler located on the roof to close proximity of the discharge piping of the existing unit. Phase 2 will be to shut down the original unit, switch connections from the existing to the temporary unit and complete startup of the temporary unit. This phase will involve careful planning and scheduling to keep the down time of conditioned air to the space served by the air handler to an absolute minimum. Phase 3 will demolish the existing unit, install the new unit, and perform startup and testing of the new unit. Phase 4 will be to switch the from the temporary unit back to the new unit and test and balance the new unit. As with phase 2 the time frame will be critical to keep downtime of conditioned air to the space served to a minimum.

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