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Rehabilitation Improvement for the Levee at Edinburg Pump Station

Texas, United States
Government : Federal
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The United States Section of the International Boundary and Water Commission (USIBWC) is issuing a solicitation for Rehabilitation Improvement for the Levee at Edinburg Pump Station in Hidalgo County, Texas. The pump station is at Peñitas and is operated by Hidalgo County Irrigation District No. 1 (HCID1). The work is being performed to provide flood control to the area and provide levees that meet FEMA requirements (44 CFR 65.10).

The work for this project generally consists of construction of levee improvements, including earthen embankment and concrete floodwalls, and associated ramps. The major construction efforts include, but are not limited to, preparing right-of-way, removing/stockpiling existing excavated material, levee widening, erosion control, demolition, installing two new sections of floodwall with bollard walls, drilled pier floodwall foundations, installing cement-bentonite slurry cutoff wall, steel sheet piling, installation of drainage blanket/chimney drain, completing construction of an existing gatewell structure, backfilling and grading of levee embankment material, installing aggregate roadway surface, riprap, removal and replacement of chain link fencing, and revegetation.

Drilled piers shall be installed 30 inch in diameter and 60'-9" in length. Full depth temporary casing shall be used for all drilled piers. The contractor/subcontractor performing the drilled pier work shall have successful completion of at least three (3) separate foundation projects within the last five (5) years with drilled piers of similar size (diameter and depth) and installation difficulty to those shown in the Contract Drawings, and with similar subsurface geotechnical conditions (e.g., groundwater levels, soil classification and consistency, etc.).

Cement-bentonite slurry cutoff wall shall be installed 3 feet wide, 30 feet deep, for a length of 170 feet. The contractor/subcontractor performing the slurry wall shall have successfully installed a minimum area of million (1,000,000) square feet of cement-bentonite slurry cutoff wall, including at least two projects within the last five (5) years with similar depths, lengths, and subsurface conditions.

While completed work will be located on USIBWC right-of-way, the Contractor shall coordinate obtaining a construction easement from HCID1. Additionally, HCID1 will be performing work both on the pump house and on the gap between the pump house and USIBWC's levee/floodwall somewhat concurrently with this solicitation. This work will require coordination with HCID1 as well as their contractor.

The work is located in Hidalgo County, Texas. A site visit date will be listed in the solicitation. The work will be performed under NAICS Code 237990.

The magnitude of the project is estimated between $1,000,000 and $5,000,000.

All work shall be completed within five hundred forty-five (545) calendar days after the Notice to Proceed. Three sixty-five (365) calendar days are allotted for Construction. Reseeding and establishment of vegetation shall be completed within one hundred eighty (180) calendar days of completion of all other work. The time for reseeding and establishment of vegetation is included in the five hundred and forty-five (545) calendar days. The time stated for completion shall include final cleanup of the premises.

The solicitation, plans, and specifications are expected to be posted on or about June 7, 2019 (this is a target date which may slip or change; if the solicitation is not posted on Federal Business Opportunities by June 7, 2019 that is because the solicitation is not available for posting). The solicitation will be available for a minimum of thirty (30) calendar days.

THIS IS THE SOLICITATION NOTICE.  THE USIBWC IS REQUESTING PROPOSALS AT THIS TIME.  Please refer to the solicitation package for pertinent information to include but limited to information on a site visit, deadline for questions and proposal submission.

The purpose of this amendment 0001 is to incorporate the following changes:

1. Attach revised specifications. NOTE: Changes made are highlighted in yellow on page 2 of the specifications.

2. Add to the solicitation Pre-proposal Key Points for Contractors.

3. Add to the solicitation the sign-in sheet from the pre-proposal conference and site visit.

Lanisa M. McCollum, Contracting Officer, Phone 9158324120, Email

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