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Region 5 Foam Roof Repair

California, United States
Government : Federal
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This is a Sources Sought announcement and is for information/market research purposes only. THIS IS NOT A SOLICITATION FOR PROPOSALS AND NO CONTRACT WILL BE AWARDED FROM THIS SOURCES SOUGHT ANNOUNCEMENT. No reimbursement will be made for any costs associated with providing information in response to this synopsis or any information requests. Respondents will not be notified of the results of the evaluation.
The USDA, Pacific Southwest Region 5 is planning to solicit for foam roof repairs, fall protection and roof anchoring system installation and periodic maintenance at the USDA Forest Service Region 5 Regional Office located at 1323 Club Drive, Vallejo California 94592.
The type of set-aside decision to be issued will depend upon the capabilities of the responses to this sources sought announcement.
The purpose of this Sources Sought announcement is to gain knowledge of interest, capabilities and qualifications of various members of industry, to include the Small Business Community: Small Business, Section 8(a), Historically Underutilized Business Zones (HUB-Zone), Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) and Economically Disadvantage Woman-Owned Small Business. The Government must ensure there is adequate competition among the potential pool of responsible contractors. Small business, Section 8(a), HUB Zone, EDWOSB and SDVOSB are highly encouraged to participate.
The scope of work is to make repairs to existing roof surfaces to prevent leaking. Ensure employee safety by installing OSHA compliant fall protection on roof perimeter. Contractor will install a roof anchor system to support safe execution of elevated building maintenance on the exterior of the building. The Contractor shall provide all necessary labor, supervision, equipment, supplies and materials to perform work related herein.
Major Tasks:
• Clean and dry entire roof surface with a bio-degradable cleaning solution utilizing either hand or mechanical methods of agitation to clear the roof surface of dirt, grease, oil or any other contaminates that might interfere with the adhesion of elastomeric acrylic coating.
• Fill and level all cracks, splits, voids, and/or holes 1/8" or larger in width using Acryl 15 coating.
• Repair roof surface where animal life have punctured or scraped coating system (approximately 150 locations). Contractor shall furnish and install new foam in these areas by grinding down to existing roof level and reinforcing patching with White Mastic Coating that is interlaced with Poly-Mesh Fabric and is encapsulated with White Elastomeric Coating. Contractor shall either roll on or brush on to ensure proper adhesion.
• Contractor shall address all roof surfaces that have blistering. Contractor shall remove defective foam and fill with Diathon High Tensile (HT) foam. Contractor shall allow foam to cure in accordance with manufacture recommended cure time then grind down to existing roof level and reinforce with new White Mastic interlaced with tight knitted Poly-Mesh Fabric and encapsulate with White Elastomeric Coating that is brushed or rolled on to ensure proper adhesion.
• Perform general housekeeping on all drains and scuppers. All debris shall be relived from these locations. Inspect for defects at drains and install White Mastic interlaced with a tight knitted Poly-Mesh Fabric and encapsulate with White Elastomeric Coating.
• Inspect all penetrations, terminations, flashing, water-ways, skylights, HVAC units, vents, and any other protrusions and reinforce as necessary using a combination of Acryl 15 and tight knitted poly-mesh fabric. All coatings shall be brushed or rolled into place to ensure proper adhesion.
• Inspect all flashing termination points and coping joints shall be resealed using Poly Urethane Sealant that is troweled intro place to ensure proper adhesion.
• Inspect all coping metal seams and joints for deteriorated sealant. Contractor shall rake out old sealant re-secure, and install new Poly Urethane Sealant. Sealant will be troweled on to ensure proper adhesion.
• Caulk vent stack storm collars and inspect and replace all clamping rings. The contractor shall furnish and install new Caterpillar clamps to all defective locations. The contractor will trowel into place a bead of poly-urethane sealant to all clamps.
• All pitch pans low in filler will be cleaned and new pour-able sealant will be installed. Sealant will be troweled into place to ensure all voids are filled.
• Rake out old sealant around scupper inserts located at on upper roof outside of parapet wall in concrete panel and apply new poly urethane sealant. Sealant shall be troweled into place to ensure proper adhesion.
• Rake out existing water blocks on lower roof at skylight. The contractor shall furnish and install new water-blocks to newly raked out joints. Water block will be troweled into place to ensure proper adhesion.
• Remove pine needle build up on all lower roof, entry way canopy roof, and any other overhangs and re-flash penetrations where damaged and reapply appropriate weather proof coatings.
• The Contractor will reinstall/reattach existing walkway pads. The contractor shall provide and install replacement pads if determined that existing pads cannot be used.
• Perform general housekeeping to include removal of construction and natural debris such as roof materials, roof applications, construction debris and equipment, leaves, and tree branches, foreign debris such as bottles, cans, and mechanical debris such as sheet metal scraps, fan belts, and screws.
Vendor's response to this Sources Sought Announcement shall be limited to three (3) pages and shall include the following information:
1. Vendor's name, address, point of contact, phone number, and email address.
2. Vendor's interest in submitting a quote/proposal, when solicitation is issued.
3. Vendor's capability to perform a contract of this magnitude and complexity. Provide a brief description of project, customer name, timelines of performance, customer satisfaction, and dollar value of the project. Provide two to three examples.
4. Vendor's Business Size as well as any other small business designations such as woman owned, veteran owned, HubZone, 8(a), etc. etc.
5. Vendor's DUNS Number

The North American Industry Classification Code (NAICS) is 238160 - (Roofing Contractors) and the size standard is $15 million.

Dindo L. Laxamana, Contract Officer, Phone 7075629022, Email

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