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Recycling Waste-to-Energy Project

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Texas, United States
Government : County
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This RFP seeks project developers that will permit, design, construct and operate a Recycling Waste-to-Energy; a waste conversion facility; or a waste diversion facility. Technologies that are acceptable to the City could include; (1)    Conventional waste-to-energy technologies, inclusive of large, small and modular mass burn and conventional refuse derived fuel combustion systems that are considered proven technologies. While proven, this type of project is considered highly difficult to permit in the States of Texas. (2)    Other technologies that could also be acceptable include thermal, digestion, hydrolysis, chemical or mechanical processing of municipal solid waste for rapid decomposition. (3)    Waste diversion technologies that could include operation of a Construction and Demolition processing facility. (4)    Operation of a waste processing technology that utilizes a portion of the waste stream, such as wood wastes, as a feedstock for the manufacturing of a renewable energy or fuel. (5)    The Recycling Waste-to-Energy facility could include up-front processing of conventional recycled materials (plastics, glass, metal, etc.) through a plant such as a MRF

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