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Raised Floor

Oklahoma, United States
Government : Military
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76 MXSG is requesting the purchase of the following Raised Floor System:

Tate PosiLock/Cornerlock Understructure for ConCore and Steel Access Floor Panels-24".

(Type 1A Pedestal)

Area of coverage shall be 7080 sqft
Perimeter shall be 475 ft
Finished floor height shall be 6"
Pedistal shall be attached mechanicaly to the floor using 4ea ¼"x3" HEX-WASHER-HEAD concrete masonry screw anchors
Raised floor panels shall accept Tate posetile 24"x24" carpet tiles
Raised floor shall be covered by Tate posetile, 24"x24" blue carpet tile
Raised floor panels shall be 24" Concore panel, CCN1500

Furnish the following Raised Access Floor Material:

PN- 5451 - 7,200sqft - Tate ConCore 1500 - 6" FFH - Posilock Understructure - Positile Carpet System -1,856ea - Panels - Bare Finish w/Positile Carpet Holes
-18ea w/Factory Cutouts (10.5" x 10.5" in panel quadrant)
-24ea Panels for Attic Stock
-PN- 11082 - 1,800ea - Tate Posilock Field Heads (6" FFH)
-PN- 13360 - 250ea - Tate Posilock Perimeter Heads (6" FFH)
-PN- 3255 - 2,050ea - Tate Posilock Base (6" FFH)
-PN- 13811 - 7,500ea - Tate Posilock Cornerlock Screws
-PN- 595922 - 2ea - Tate Double Suction Cup Panel Lifters
-1,896ea - Carpet Tiles w/Positile Buttons (1 to 1

Rochanda D. Taylor, Contract Specialist, Phone 4057394298, Email - James D. Farris, Contracting Officer, Phone 4057364112, Email

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