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RFP: Content Development: Photovoltaic Solar Installation Tool for the City of Buenos Aires

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United Kingdom
Download the rfp file: C40 RfP_BA_Solar_Final_English.docx.

C40 is currently accepting proposals for consultancy services for the definition of specifications and content for an online tool for solar energy in the city of Buenos Aires, as well as a roadmap and a work plan for the tool's implementation.

The tool will serve to link the stakeholders of the city's renewable energy sector, fostering the interaction between the wills to purchase and implement generation systems based in the solar resource (demand) with those of supply of products and related services. The hired consultants will interact with the city administration and act according to its guidance to make sure feedback is received during the development stages of the tool.

2 roles are available and described within the RfP, one focusing on engineering elements, one on finance/economic elements of the content being developed.

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