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RFI Sources Sought for TMT Services

Hawaii, United States
Government : Military
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This Request For Information (RFI)/Sources Sought (SS) is issued by the Air Force Installation Contracting Center (AFICC), 766th Specialized Contracting Squadron, Strategic Acquisitions Flight (766 SCONS/PKI).

This is not a Request for Quote (RFQ) or Request for Proposal (RFP).

This is a RFI ONLY to identify sources that can provide Task Management Tools Services & Software Assurance License (TMTSSAL). The information provided in the RFI is subject to change and is not binding on the Government. Responses to these notices are not offers and cannot be accepted by the Government to form a binding contract (FAR 15.201(e)). All submissions become Government property and will not be returned.

PURPOSE: The purpose of this notice is to conduct market research for a known agency requirement and to conduct an exchange with industry prior to receipt of proposal in accordance with (IAW) FAR 15.201. The Government seeks industry comments in response to the specific questions listed below and the draft Performance Work Statement (PWS) attached.  The draft PWS is subject to update prior to issuance of a solicitation.

The response(s) will be used to identify and resolve concerns regarding the acquisition strategy, the feasibility of the requirement, the suitability of the proposal instructions and evaluation criteria, the availability of reference documents, and any other industry concerns or questions (FAR 15.201(c)). 

This market research will provide information to the Contracting Officer that is relevant to FAR 7.107 for consolidation/bundling TMT Services/maintenance and TMT Software Assurance License.     


The Contractor shall provide engineering support services, application administration, configuration, maintenance, field/staff training, functional support, and resolution to any issues, downtime, or customer's tickets. The TMT Non-classified Internet Protocol Router Network (NIPRNet) and Secret Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNet) server enclaves for all PACAF bases (spanning Japan, Korea, Guam, Hawaii, and Alaska) are hosted at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam (JBPH-H). Support shall be provided from JBPH-H with yearly travel throughout the PACAF Area of Responsibility (AOR) as training requirements are identified by the Government.  Additionally, provide 3000 software assurance licenses and maintenance support for the PACAF Cyberspace Systems Squadron (CSS) Task Management Tool (TMT).  The requirement includes one health check visit (per year) and a Not-To-Exceed (NTE) travel reimbursement.  All services, maintenance, license and support shall be performed in strict accordance with the attached draft PWS; the Contracting Officer has the discretion to update the PWS.            

The Services NAICS is 541511 and the Software/License NAICS is 511210; however, if bundled, the overall requirement NAICS (North American Industrial Classification System) code will be 541511 Custom Computer Programming Services with a size standard of $30.0 million.

The Period of Performance is anticipated to be one (1) 12 month base period year and four (4) 12 month option periods. The resultant contract award will include FAR clause 52.217-8, Option to Extend Services for a period of performance not to exceed a six (6) month extension of services. The total period of performance shall not exceed five (5) years and six (6) months.


Responses to this RFI must be submitted in writing (via email) to and by 12 Noon, Hawaii Standard Time (HST), Monday 25 Nov 2019. Do not submit a proposal or quote.  No phone calls.

Responses must contain:

1.  Company name; address, telephone number, point of contact name(s), current e-mail address(es), DUNS and CAGE code, business size (large or small). If small business identify the following: type of small business and/or socio economic class. If an 8(a)/SDB firm, include 8(a) program graduation/exit date. 

2.  Business size standard along with any special designation (SDB, HUBzone, WOSB, etc.) For more information, refer to

3.  Response to Questionnaire (below).  For each question your company should provide a response that does not exceed one page per question (or a max of 12 pages total), single-spacing, Arial, 12 point font, one inch margins; MS Office Word or Adobe PDF.  Do not send media (i.e. Mp3, videos, or CD/DVD).  Proprietary information and trade secrets, if any, must be clearly marked on all materials. All information received that is marked "Proprietary" will be handled accordingly. Please be advised that all submissions become government property and will not be returned. All proprietary information shall be properly safeguarded.  The government shall not be held liable for any damages incurred if proprietary information is not properly identified. 

Response Questionnaire:

1. Describe your ability to meet ALL the requirements (services/maintenance/license) of the PWS? (DO NOT SUBMIT A CAPABILITY STATEMENT).  

2. List/Identify usage of your services/software by the DoD, PACAF or any component of DoD. (Agency, number of users/seats, etc.)

3. Have you provided TMT Services support and SA License (same or similar to the PWS) to other DoD Agencies CONUS or OCONUS?  If so, please provide the most recent Contract Award Number, Gov't Agency, Contracting Officers Name, number & email. 

4. Does your company have a current DD Form 254, Contract Security Classification Specification, which will enable you to provide skilled personnel with current security clearances/background investigations that can work on the U.S. Air Force's unclassified and classified networks?

5. Please describe your experience with training end-users in a deployment of a minimum of 3K users.

6. The current software/license/maintenance is covered by Accenture Federal Services - Are you an authorized reseller for Accenture products/services?

7.  Solicitation Time: The Contracting Officer anticipates a fifteen (15) calendar day solicitation time for this requirement. The Contracting Officer has not made a final decision concerning the method of synopsis and/or solicitation to use for this acquisition. IAW FAR 5.203(b), the Contracting Officer will consider the circumstances of the individual acquisition, such as the complexity, commerciality, availability, and urgency, when establishing the solicitation response time. As a result, the Contracting Officer solicits feedback from potential offers concerning a fifteen (15) calendar day solicitation period.

a. Provide comments if a fifteen (15) day the shorter solicitation period will impact your firm's ability to provide an adequate/complete proposal.

b. Provide sufficient detail to allow the Contracting Officer to make an informed decision. 

********************* END OF QUESTIONNAIRE *********************

The Contracting Officer will review and consider all responses and/or questions received. However, the Contracting Officer is not required to implement any feedback/suggestions received.

The Contracting Officer will not provide a written and/or verbal response to any questions received.

D.S. Daniel Brazell, Contract Specialist , Email - Natalie N. Bernal, Contracting Officer, Email

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