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Virginia, United States
Government : Municipal
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The Virginia Department of the Environmental Quality (DEQ) approved the Preliminary Engineering
Proposal (PEP) for the overall Old Roanoke River Interceptor Improvements project in 2008.
Proposing firms are strongly encouraged to download the complete PEP from the Authority’s website,
and review the PEP in detail prior to submitting a proposal. Olver Incorporated based the PEP on a
four-phase approach to reinstating the Old Roanoke River Interceptor as an actual sewer interceptor
utilizing its full hydraulic conveyance capacity rather than simply serving as a limited-capacity
collector line. DEQ approved Phases I and II while designating Phase III as approved pending review
by the former Office of Wastewater Engineering. Phase I represented manhole rehabilitation, and
Phase II and III represent pipeline repairs. The Authority already completed work on Phase IA of the
manhole rehabilitation work, which included replacement of 34 manhole frames and covers with new
water-tight manhole frames and covers along with other incidental manhole repairs.
The engineering design requested herein represents the Phase IB manhole rehabilitation work, which
includes the replacement of 39 manhole frames and covers with new water-tight manhole frames and
covers along with other incidental manhole repairs, and the Phase II pipeline rehabilitation, which
includes approximately 20 pipeline point repairs by various methods. All of the proposed work
focuses on the direct reduction of inflow and infiltration into the aging Old Roanoke River Interceptor
in accordance with the goals outlined in the Authority’ Special Order by Consent. The proposed
project budget is $1,500,000, which includes design and construction funding. The Authority applied
for and received a loan for the full project budget from the Virginia Clean Water Revolving Loan Fund
(VCWRLF Loan Number C-515469).

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