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Pennsylvania, United States
Government : Military
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NSN 7R----9-P8, REF NR QTY 1 EA, ******** FOB ORIGIN. For Critical Safety Items (CSI), DFARS clause----, of Critical Safety Items, is by ********** For items for which Government ********** and will be conducted at the source, DLAD clause Product ************ Testing, is by ********** DLAD clauses can be viewed at ----. As applicable, DFARS clause----, Contractor Business Systems, is by ********** All potential offers shall provide newly manufactured spares only. Refurbished, remanufactured, or repaired material will not be acceptable; Offers for such are ineligible for award. GOVERNMENT PCO POC IS JOHN FINLEY; CORRECT EMAIL IS ---- (PLEASE NOTE THAT "----" IS INCORRECT.) The Navy has mandated that near-term procurement of parts, consumable and repairable, for the P-8A Aircraft Program must be from either the Prime Contractor or from the OEM, or from an "Authorized Distributor" of either. An "Authorized Distributor" shall provide an official letter from either the Prime Contractor/OEM indicating that they are indeed an "Authorized Distributor" for the specific part number being procured. Without this letter, they shall not be considered eligible for this contract award. "Traceability" alone, of the part being proposed, to the Prime Contractor/OEM will be considered insufficient. This contract will only be awarded to the Prime Contractor, OEM, or to "Authorized Distributors" thereof. ******** MUST NOT OCCUR PRIOR TO 04/01/2020. The Government physically does not have in its possession sufficient, accurate, or legible data to purchase this part from other than the current source(s). The subject item requires Government source approval prior to contract award, as the item is flight critical and/or the technical data available has not been determined adequate to support acquisition via full and open competition. Only the source(s) previously approved by the Govern...

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