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Public Relations and Advertising Agency Spain

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Download the rfp file: Spain_RFP_AD_2019.docx.

The California Walnut Commission (CWC) is seeking to retain the services of an advertising and public relations agency, in country, with a proven track record for creative excellence in strategic program development and execution. The agency will coordinate and carry out multi-channel brand building programs on our behalf, designed to increase awareness, usage and purchase of California walnuts. Activities include selecting target audiences and providing outreach via an integrated mix of media, developing content for the CWC's Spanish website and social media platforms, and advertorials. This agency will conduct the development of media strategy and creative and recommend placement(s) for traditional and digital advertising, as well as coordination of events and contests, online promotions, e-newsletters and other marketing support. An additional outreach audience is that of the healthcare community that will be reached through a mix of activities suited to this audience. This agency will coordinate efforts with the trade representative to ensure a cohesive strategy, branding, and messaging.

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