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Phase II Fire Alarm Upgrades

Maryland, United States
Education : University
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The University is seeking proposals from qualified vendors to provide fire alarm upgrades.

The existing fire alarm control panel for the building is a Notifier NFS2-640 with DVC Voice Command Unit. The Notifier NFS2-640 is currently monitoring an existing 3rd party panel that is acting as the main building panel. The current system is a horn/strobe system. Bidders will be responsible for supplying all components to complete a fully functional Emergency Voice Evacuation in accordance with the project specifications and drawings. The contractor is responsible for determining if the existing NFS2-640 panel will provide adequate capacity to support all required points/zones under this contract and if NFS2-640 cannot support the additional points/zones, than the panel shall be upgraded to Notifier Model NFS2-3030. The cost of any necessary upgrade to Notifier Model NFS2-3030 must be included in the lump sum base bid price.

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