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Periodic, Routine, Acceptance Inspections and Tests for all of the Vertical Transportation (VT) and Conveyance equipment at the Smithsonian Institution Facilities

Virginia, United States
Government : Federal
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Below is brief overview of scope of work
The Smithsonian Institution intends to award a Firm Fixed Price (FFP) Contract to perform periodic, routine, acceptance inspections and tests for all of the Vertical Transportation (VT) and Conveyance equipment at the Smithsonian Institution facilities within the Washington DC Metropolitan area, Maryland, Virginia and New York City to include passenger and freight elevators, escalators, dumbwaiters, side-walk lifts, special lifts, material lifts, wheel chair lifts, loading dock lifts and levelers that are included in the attached inventory. The inventory is subject to change due to expected and unexpected circumstances that can increase or decrease the total unit count. A thirty (30) day notice or as much notice as possible will be given in the event of these changes. The firm fixed price shall include all of the personnel, management, supervision and duties to perform routine, periodic, acceptance inspections and tests such as but not limited to annual testing, five (5) year load testing, labor, lodging, expenditures, scheduling, logs, data collecting, reporting, accounting, etc. in a thorough, complete, legible and timely manner as required by all applicable code requirements and specifications. The weights needed to perform the 5 year load tests will be provided by the current Smithsonian Institution vertical transportation maintenance and repair Contractor. The current Smithsonian Institution vertical transportation maintenance and repair Contractor will also be made available to provide access, accompany, assist and operate the equipment during the tests and inspections. The schedule for all testing and inspection will be created by the COTR in conjunction with the various Smithsonian facilities. Scheduling will be done in a way to maximize the amount of inspections done per day and minimize any VT down time and impact on the facility. The Smithsonian will also require unit pricing on a per hour basis for any unscheduled emergency testing which may be required, as needed, in order to allow inventoried equipment to be returned to service after such incidents as, but not limited to entrapments, abuse, vandalism, etc. upon request. All emergency response inspections are to be completed and COTR is to be notified of the status of the unit within twenty-four (24) hours of initial notification. The Smithsonian Institution requires the successful contractor be capable of assisting in an in-depth, third party assessment of the VT equipment in the Smithsonian inventory. As part of this assessment, contractor could be asked to verify items on the inventory sheet, assess the condition of various elevator components and give an overall life expectation for the various units in the inventory. This capability would be on an as needed basis and charged on the normal elevator inspection call service hourly rates provided in section 1.1. The Smithsonian Institution intends to award a one (1) year contact with the right to exercise the option to extend this contract for nine (9) additional one (1) year period(s). 

Willard Powell, Contract Specialist, Phone 202/633-7286, Fax 202/633-7308, Email - Christine Grant, Supv. Contract Specialist, Phone 202/633-7262, Email

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