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Pavement Replacement: Richmond VA: P&DC

Connecticut, United States
Government : Federal
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The Northern Facilities Construction CMT of the United States Postal Service is soliciting proposals for a Pavement Replacement project, at the United States Postal Service owned Richmond P&DC 5801 Technology Blvd., Sandston VA 23150, Henrico County.  Please see attached Summary of Work.

The estimated cost of the work is between $1,223,370.00 - $1,495,230.00; with construction completion no later than one hundred eighty (180) calendar days after receipt of the Notice to Proceed.

The solicitation will open 6.21.2019 on USPS eSourcing Emptoris (see How to Participate below) and close on 7.16.2019.  A pre-proposal meeting for this project will be held on 7.1.2019 at 10am local time, (local time) on site.  Attendance is not mandatory but is strongly recommended.  Technical inquiries are to be addressed to Amanda Osiecki, Architect/Engineer, Gauthier Alvarado Assoc., at 847-505-8044, or the USPS Project Manager, Linda Kimpel-Blais at (678) 442-6040.

The Postal Service bases contract award decisions on best value.  The Postal Service is more concerned with making an award at the lowest overall price than with obtaining superior technical or management features. However, the Postal Service may not necessarily make an award at the lowest price in order to achieve a small price savings if better value can be achieved with superior technical or management features.  The benefits of a higher priced proposal may merit a higher price.


Technical Evaluation Plan:  Sections include Eligibility, Bonding Information, Financial Condition & Capability, Supplier Capability and Past Performance.  The Technical Evaluation Plan will be assessed and scored on a scale of 100 points.  Solicitation Attachment 11 contains the scoring breakdown.

Price Proposal:  Signed Offer and Award (Page 1), Schedule of Values (see eRFX Excel Attachment), Schedule of Unit Prices (if applicable), and Schedule of Alternates (if applicable).

Affirmation of Contract Terms & Conditions.

Terms & Conditions:  Acknowledgement of Solicitation Amendments (if applicable), Solicitation Provision F-202: Key Personnel; Provision 4-3: Representations and Certifications (Section A., B., E.); Provision 9-1: Equal Opportunity Affirmative Action Program; and Provision F-401: Authorized Negotiators.

Form VETS-4212 Documentation is required. If you are not registered with Department of Labor Report System, you must register on the DOL website at: and provide proof of registration.

Bonding:  Contractor must have the ability to obtain 100 percent performance and payment bonds for this project within seven (7) calendar days of receipt of a Notice of Intent to Award.

Contractor will be responsible for coordination of all work in a manner that will not interfere with operations and coordinate all work related to this phased project with the Facility Manager or designee. 

Note:  Successful offeror will be required to submit a Sub-Contracting Plan and Project Specific Safety Plan acceptable to the USPS Contracting Officer before a Notice to Proceed (NTP) is issued. 

The successful offeror will be bound by the Contractor's Screening Requirements.  Offerors must familiarize themselves with the requirements of Clause F-102.


All proposals must be submitted online in USPS eSourcing Emptoris (  USPS eSourcing Emptoris is a web-based electronic solicitation platform.

If your organization wishes to participate in this solicitation, please see the attached Emptoris registration instructions.  If you have any questions on the registration process, contact Ryan Price at or (860) 285-7046 or Helen Hynes at or (860) 285-7120.

Once you complete the registration process, the Postal Service will review the entry within seven (7) business days to ensure it is complete and accurate. Upon approval, you will be notified via e-mail of your log-in credentials. 

Once you are registered or if your company is already registered in Emptoris, please contact Ryan Price at or (860) 285-7046 or Helen Hynes at or (860) request an invitation to bid. Separate electronic messages will be sent inviting you to participate in the solicitation and notifying you when the event is opened.

Each organization must "accept" the Invitation in order to place a bid in Emptoris.  Any required documentation may be attached to your bid after submitting total dollar amount of bid in Emptoris.


Ryan D. Price, Purchasing and SM Specialist, Phone 860-285-7046, Email - Helen L. Hynes, Purchasing & SM Specialist, Phone 860-285-7120, Email

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