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Partnerships for Commercial Optical Communication Systems

Maryland, United States
Government : Federal
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In pursuit of the National Space Policy's goals and NASA's strategic plan, NASA is continuing its efforts to foster the development of new industrial space-related capabilities that will lead to education and job growth in science and engineering and spur economic growth as capabilities for new space markets are created.  NASA encourages innovative and entrepreneurial efforts with the private sector to develop new space-related capabilities.  These new capabilities may result in opportunities for industry to provide cost-effective commercial products and services to low Earth orbit and beyond for the Government and other customers.  NASA is developing new and innovative technologies in the area of optical communications.  This new initiative is an opportunity to partner with NASA for each company to build its own commercial free-space optical communication system and is not intended to preclude ongoing or future partnerships discussions directly with NASA Centers or Mission Directorates for use of NASA personnel services or facilities.  Companies are free to interact with NASA in any or all of the initiatives that support their organization's goals.

Dr. Hossin Abdeldayem, Senior Technology Transfer Manager , Phone 301-286-8682, Fax 301-286-0301, Email - Kerry Leonard, Senior Technology Transfer Manager, Phone 301-286-8497, Fax 301-286-0301, Email

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