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Participation in the Disciplinary Alerts Service, from Federation of State Medical Boards

Virginia, United States
Government : Federal
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This is a request for Information:
SUBJECT: Request for information (RFI), Synopsis for Disciplinary Alert Services for the Department of Veterans Affairs, Veterans Health Administration (VHA). The purpose of this Request for information (RFI) is to notify the public that VHA intends to Award a Sole Source Contract for participation in the Disciplinary Alerts Service, Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB). This RFI allows potential contractor to submit a non-binding statement of interest and documentation demonstrating their capabilities, and suggestions that will allow the Government to refine its potential course of action. The RFI effort is intended to assess industry service capabilities and solicit feedback for acquisition planning purposes. The strategic Acquisition center (SAC) is requesting response from qualified businesses concerns. The NAICS code for this effort is 921190 PSC is R499.
BACKGROUND: VHA is comprised of 152 medical centers that provide Mental Health Counseling, Nursing Home Care, Hospices, Dental Care, Medical, Surgical and Preventive Care Services. The medical facilities are located throughout the United States. The Government requirement asks that the practitioners are screened against FSMB database, and provide resources required to regularly screen physicians against the HHS OIG Exclusions List and licensing entities. This information is managed by Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB). Information on practitioners, (MDs, DOs, and PAs), will be in an online database that is immediately accessible to provide real time results to VA staff inquiry. The information will be current report on the quality, conduct, and validity of any practitioner seeking to work at any of the VHA medical facility across the United States. The contractor will report to the Government, all licenses current or previously held that are known to contain information on a practitioner as well as any orders or reports from medical licensing entities. The Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Inspector General (HHS OIG) and the Department of Defense will be cross referenced against the VHA s practitioner s Identity Table. Subsequent to the initial screening, in the event a disciplinary action is reported to the contractor on one of the practitioners in the VHA s data table, the VHA Medical Staff Affairs Director is notified via e-mail that an action has been reported. The disciplinary information that pertains to the practitioner can then be downloaded for review and inclusion in the practitioner s credentials file. All information provided will be collected and maintained in accordance with the Privacy Act System of Records Notice, 77VA10Q, Health Care Provider Credentialing and Privileging Records VA.


Task 1 Deliverable 1: The contractor shall provide VA with an account and data tables in which VA will enroll VA physicians through the import of specified physician information so that such data can be used to search against the database for any orders reported to the contractor from licensing entities.

Task 2 Deliverable 2: Upon receipt of a report of a new order being reported to the contractor on a VA physician enrolled in the database from a reporting entity, the contractor shall notify VA via e-mail of the presence of the new order which VA staff shall be able to access and obtain a hard-copy of such order.

Task 3 Deliverable 3a: contractor shall provide VA with a copy of the enrollment data from its database for the VA to update, adding practitioners who are new to the VA credentialing process and deleting those for whom monitoring by VA is no longer necessary.

Task 3 Deliverable 3b: contractor shall incorporate the VA updated data, returned by the VA to the contractor, into its database.

Task 4 Deliverable 4: To assure quality communication with the contractor and its leadership and its member boards, registration to the FSMB Annual Meeting shall be provided to two (2) VA participants.

INSTRUCTIONS: Submit a brief description, five (5) pages or less (including cover letter) that demonstrates how your company can provide credentialing services for medical practitioners operating anywhere in the united states. Provide your past experience in performing these services for other government (federal or states) agency s.

Responses should include business size, business type, socio-economic status, and capability. Please submit your responses to the following contracting specialist Mr. Twillie L. Curry III at and Mr. Mauricio Vazquez, at Responses are due by 15:00 PM EST July 26, 2019.

DISCLAIMER: Issuance of this RFI or Sources Sought is to assist the VA in determining sources only and does not commit or bind the Government under any circumstances, nor does it constitute any obligation whatsoever on the part of the Government to procure these services or to issue a solicitation, nor to notify respondents of the results of this notice. No solicitation documents exist at this time; the Department of Veterans Affairs is neither seeking proposals nor accepting unsolicited proposals, and responses to this RFI or Sources Sought cannot be accepted as offers. Any information the vendor considers proprietary should be clearly marked as such. The U.S. Government will not pay for any information or administrative costs incurred in response to this RFI or Sources Sought.

Mauricio Vazquez


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