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Parking Garage Structure

New Mexico, United States
Government : Federal
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The Parking Garage Project consists of all work required to provide a complete parking garage facility, with an approximate area of 200,000 square feet within 4 floors, providing approximately 600 parking spaces. The parking garage will require site development including demolition and utility relocations; parking garage precast structure with stairs, elevator/mechanical room, lighting/electrical room; and miscellaneous appurtenant items to make a complete and useable facility. This new permanent facility will support the laboratory's on-going diverse range of programs for a number of different sponsors and activities at Los Alamos National Laboratory.
Supplier shall furnish qualified personnel, equipment, materials, and facilities to perform all work necessary to fully design and build a new precast parking garage facility. All work will comply with State, Local, Laboratory, and Department of Energy codes, policies, procedures, standards, and regulations. For engineering, design deliverables will include all studies, calculations, drawings, and specifications to support the required reviews. For construction, the Supplier will include the supply of all Supervision, Labor, Materials, Construction Equipment, small tools, and all other incidentals not specifically listed here, but required to fabricate and erect the precast concrete parking garage facility in complete accordance with the approved design documents.
Schedule is as follows
RFP is anticipated to be issued early 2nd quarter 2019. Award is targeted for late 2nd quarter 2019. All work is to be complete by 2nd quarter 2020.

If interested, please submit recent experience in design build of pre-cast parking garages and any experience in working on a Department of Energy site.

Melinda Thompson, Subcontract Administrator, Email

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