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Maryland, United States
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The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has a requirement to publish a scholarly book on the history of assessing the risk of a major nuclear power plant accident. The title of the proposed book is Safe Enough? The History of Nuclear Power and Accident Risk. The contractor will be required to perform services normally associated with the publication of a scholarly book, including manuscript review by qualified experts, editorial board review and approval, editing, design, production, promotion in appropriate professional and popular media, provision of review copies to appropriate professional and popular media, sales, and warehousing.

The book's author is Dr. Thomas Wellock, Historian at the NRC. He is also the author of Critical Masses: Opposition to Nuclear Power in California, 1958-1978 (1998), Preserving the Nation: The Conservation and Environmental Movements, 1870-2000 (2008), and numerous scholarly articles. That book is the first scholarly history of the effort to quantify the risk of a major nuclear power plant accident and use that information to prevent them. The text and the references in the book were prepared by an employee of the U.S. government as a part of his official duties and are not eligible for copyright by that employee.

The following specifications are anticipated for the new book: approximately 290 pages (the double-spaced typed manuscript runs 107,000 words, including notes and bibliography); professionally-presented two (or more) color attractive cover; type style is at the contractor's discretion, but right margin must be justified; Illustrations: approximately 12 half-tones (NRC will provide glossy photographs). The contractor will be required to deliver 1,000 hardback copies of the published book to addresses that the NRC will provide.

The solicitation and resultant purchase order will be issued in accordance with FAR Subpart 13.3. The resultant purchase order will begin on or about September 30, 2019 and will consist of a one-year period of performance (after contractor receipt of the NRC's final manuscript in an electronic file).

The government intends to award a purchase order resulting from the solicitation to the responsible quoter whose quotation represents the best value to the government, evaluated cost/price and other factors considered. Evaluation factors for award include Adequacy of Corporate (Scholarly Publishing - a peer review process normally conducted by University Presses) Experience and Evaluated Cost/Price.

The NRC uses Compusearch Software Systems' secure and auditable two-way web portal, FedConnect, to communicate with offerors and contractors. FedConnect provides bi-directional communication between the offeror/contractor and the NRC throughout the preaward, award and postaward phases. Therefore, in order submit a proposal, the offeror must register to use FedConnect at
Assistance with FedConnect is provided by Compusearch Software Systems, not the NRC. FedConnect contact and assistance information is provided at

The solicitation and any related amendments will be released only via FedConnect; therefore, potential quoters must register at to access the solicitation and amendments. The solicitation was posted on FedConnect on September 17, 2019.  Potential quoters are encouraged to check FedConnect regularly for solicitation availability and amendments to it. In addition, the NRC will only consider quotations that are submitted via FedConnect unless an exception is warranted and provided in writing to the NRC Contracting Officer. Notwithstanding, by submission of a quotation, the quoter acknowledges the requirement that a prospective awardee shall be registered in the System for Award Management database at prior to award, during performance, and through final payment of any resultant purchase order.


Heriberto (Eddie) Colon, Jr., Senior Contract Specialist, Email - Jerry Purcell , Contract Specialist, Email

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