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The purpose of this announcement is to publish the list of companies that gave FAA permission to have their information publicized after responding to the subject Market Survey. FAA stated in the subject Market Survey the intent to publicize this list. FAA intends for this listing to promote teaming and subcontracting opportunities within the business community. Those respondents that desired to have their name publicized are listed in the attachment provided with this announcement. Additionally, the name and phone number of the designated points of contact are provided.

This Amendment also corrects the Program title from the title of: Professional Services Support to the title of: Program Support Services. The correct title for the subject requirement is Program Support Services and this is the title that will be used in future announcements associated with this requirement.

The FAA is currently in the process of reviewing capability packages and industry comments provided in response to the subject Market Survey. The FAA does not intend to directly respond to public inquiries or recommendations related to this Market Survey. The FAA intends to use Industry information and comments, provided in response to the Market Survey, to assist the FAA in defining the requirements.

All other information related to this Market Survey remains unchanged.

For more information related to Small Businesses and Teaming Arrangements, refer to the FAAbs Small Business Office Website The FAAbs small business data base, Source-Net, is a good resource to find potential partners/teaming arrangements.

(a)Publicized list of Interested Parties-that responded to the Market Survey
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