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New Jersey, United States
Government : Military
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THIS IS NOT A SOLICITATION.  The Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWCAD) is seeking additional sources for this polish in accordance with P-P-560C, Polish, Plastic, for listing on Qualified Products List (QPL) P-P-560.  P-P-560C is available through ASSIST and may be obtained by using the "Document Number" search box and entering 560.

This polish cleans and polishes plastic materials; removes light scratches; and in the application of an anti-static film, prevents the electrostatic attraction of dust, lint, ash, etc. to the acrylic plastic.

THIS IS NOT A SOLICITATION.  With respect to products requiring qualification, awards will be made only for products that are, at the time of award of contract, qualified for inclusion in QPL-P-P-560 whether or not such products have actually been so listed by that date.  Contractors should be aware of requirements specified in P-P-560C.  Manufacturers should arrange to have the products that they propose to offer to the Federal Government tested for qualification in order that they may be eligible to be awarded contracts or orders for the products covered by P-P-560C.  Guidance for manufacturers and their authorized distributors who wish to submit products for NAWCAD qualification is available from the Provisions Governing Qualification (SD-6).  The SD-6 is available through ASSIST, (enter SD-6 in the "Document ID" search box).  Additional information and questions pertaining to qualification of products to P-P-560C may be obtained from


Submission Instructions:  Interested parties are invited to submit a request for qualification application procedures in response to this Sources Sought Notice via email to



Rose Webster, QPL Team Lead, Phone 732-323-2740, Email

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