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Operation Support of a Sound Recording and Audiovisual Work Identification Application

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The purpose of the Production Support Services is
To ensure that the VRDB2 Solution remains stable and so that the users of the system have a positive experience and a team to turn to if they experience issues, and to support the Service Level Agreements outlined in this addendum to the RFP master doc.
oThe work within this phase will consist of troubleshooting, proactive system monitoring, system maintenance, and issue escalation / resolution. In order to achieve these objectives, the tenderer can perform all the necessary tasks on its own or integrating and managing another specialized provider, if necessary.
To help the new societies to onboard VRDB through the currently existing onboarding protocol. These activities include a one-time exercise per Society to perform activities such as data validation, completing the on-boarding validation checklist, overseeing the society load order and schedule, and providing On-boarding Support in production as Societies begin to load their initial repertoire files in Production.

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