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Noldus Ethovision Package

New York, United States
Government : Federal
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This Sources Sought Notice is for informational and planning purposes and shall NOT be construed as a solicitation or as an obligation or commitment by the Government at this time. This notice is intended strictly for market research. The purpose of this Sources Sought notice is to determine interest and capability of potential qualifications of Small Businesses firms relative to the North American Industry Classification Code (NAICS) 511210. The Department of Veteran s Affairs is seeking Small business firms, small manufacturer or distributors of small business manufacturers, of functionally equivalent equipment to all the following:

Noldus Ethovision System Package

ITEM-Ethovision XT 14 licenses for fear conditioning setup base, multiple arena, multiple body points, trial & Hardware control, rat behavior recognition, mouse behavior recognition modules

ITEM-Dell Precision T3630 workstation PC

ITEM-Mobile standing PC cart, adjustable height

ITEM-Fear conditioning setup, rat-4 monochrome Gig-E camera set with IR pass filter-4 sound attenuating chambers with tone and light, contextual cues-4 rat chambers with grid floors-4 touch screen controller-I/O box, surge protector

ITEM-Fear conditioning chamber, mouse- SAA

ITEM-Color Gig-E camera set with auto pole, super clamp, IR illuminator and IR pass filter

ITEM-Water maze, rat with drain, blue-includes support stand with steel frame and casters-includes drop shipping pricing from manufacturer- approximately 6 diameters; 30 height; includes 1 adjustable platform

ITEM-Water maze, mouse, with drain, blue-includes support stand with frame and casters- includes drop shipping pricing from Manufacturer-approximately 4 diameter; 30 height; includes adjustable platform

ITEM-Radial arm inserts (sized for 8 arm) for MWM rat-includes drop shipping pricing from MFR

ITEM-Radial Arm insert (sized for 8 arm) for MWM mouse-includes drops shipping from MFR

ITEM-Custom open field, light blue, (90cm(l) x 60cm (w) x 40Cm (h)-includes drop shipping

ITEM-Rotarod for mice

ITEM-Rotarod for rats

ITEM-On-site installation of all components (unpacking, set-up, testing) 1-day Ethovision onsite training-2 days

ITEM-Delivery Fee

ITEM-Noldus care 1-year fee

THIS IS NOT A SOLICITATION AND DOES NOT OBLIGATE THE GOVERNMENT TO ISSUE A SOLICITATION. Please be advised that the Government will NOT pay for any information submitted under this announcement. The applicable North American Classification System (NAICS) Code for this requirement is 511210 (Software Publishers). Responses due are to be submitted by e-mail to Name of firm, Socio-Economic category of the firm (all small businesses), complete address, and phone & fax number of contacts.

Aleta Jennette-Contracting Officer

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