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NiTi Springs Exhibiting Pseudoelastic behavior from negative 130 degrees to 90 degrees celsius

Ohio, United States
Government : Federal
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The Mars Spring Tire Project at NASA Glenn Research Center is ********* NiTi springs (wire formed in a helical shape) that meet specific ********* and environmental The ********* is a list of specifications that are ******** in the springs.

Springs shall be made from a binary NiTi alloy that is processed to achieve pseudoelastic (otherwise known as superelastic) stress-induced martensite transformation over temperature ranges from 90° down to -130°C.  All springs shall have properties such that pseudoelastic performance is achievable through this entire temperature range in both tension and bending.

2.      At all temperatures (-130° to 90°C), the material used to manufacture the springs shall have a fully reversible, strain potential of at least εtran = 6% in tension (where εtran is the transformation strain of the material).

3.      The material used for spring production shall have an onset-stress plateau, stress/temperature sensitivity less than or equal to 2 MPa/&...

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