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Nexsan Hardware and Evault Software - U

Kansas, United States
Government : Federal
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Nexsan Hardware and Evault Software for US EPA, Region 7, Lenexa, KS

Amendment 1: Answering Contractor Questions.

1) Question: What is the past bid price? Answer: There isn't a past bid price, as this is a one time purchase and was not purchased in previous years.

2) Question: What is the estimated price of this current bid? Answer: This information cannot be disclosed.

3) Question: Is the current bid the same as the past bid and if not what was added or minus from the new bid? Answer: See Question 1.

4) Question: Do you have a minimum amount of employees that you want on this contact? Answer: This procurement is for software and hardware only. The term "on-site" on Line Item #1 of the RFQ refers to a software platform that runs our automatic backups.

5) Question: How do I submit this bid? Answer: You must submit this bid via FedConnect only. No other method is allowed. Question; Is it through e-mail? Answer: No, FedConnect only. Question: What will I need to submit besides pricing and reference? Answer: You must submit pricing and proof of certification as a Nexsan and Evault reseller.

****All Contractor questions must be submitted no later than June 15, 2019 @ 12 pm (ET).

Krueger, Amber

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