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Neuralynx Digital System

Virginia, United States
Government : Federal
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The Department of Veterans Affairs, VISN 6 Network Contracting Office (NCO) is conducting Market Research through this sources sought to help determine the availability of qualified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Businesses (SDVOSB), Veteran Owned Small Businesses (VOSB) and Small Businesses (SB), registered under NAICS code 334516, capable of supplying the following DigitalLynx System for the Durham VAMC:

DigitalLynx 4SX 64 Channel DRS Starter System 4SX 64ch System

Digital Lynx SX-M Upgrade Upgrade from Digital Lynx SX to Digital SX-M Upgrade

Cheetah DAS LIcense Upgrade to 128 channels

Minirator - hand held battery powered signal generator Minirator Kit

Adapter for 32 channel ATLAS Neuroengineering (E-32-Acute) ADPT-HS36-N2T T-32A

The Neuralynx Headstage 72 LED GREEN/RED HS-72-QC-LED

The Neuralynx Headstage 36 HS-36

Shielded 3 meter tether connects a HS-36 to a Neuralynx Data TETH-HS-36-Li itz-3M

Stereotaxic adapter, made of Delrin STX-Nexus32/6 64

Adapter for 64 channel ATLAS Neuroengineering NeuroNexus ADPT-HS36-N2T T-64-Inline

STX-Nexus64 Inline stereotaxic adaptor STX-Nexus64 Inline

Neuralynx Setup/Starter Kit Starter Kit-Digital

Engineering time and parts for custom EIBs

One Red, omnidirectional, LED for use with HS-16/32/64-MUX-LED
And Cube-64 headstages HS-LED-Red-3.3V

One Green, omnidirectional, LED for use with HS-16/32/64-MUX-LED
And Cube-64 headstages HS-LED-Green-3.3V

Color video tracking package for Cheetah VT Package NT SC Color

nanoZ kit, nanoZ holder and sterotaxic rod Nano-Z Kit with holder

ADPT-NZ-N2T-32 interfaces the nanoZ ADPT-NZ-N2T-32

Digital Telemetry Transmitter Cube2 Base

Shield for Cube2~3.1grams Cube2 Shield

Cube2 Accessory Kit Cube2 Starter Kit

256GB Ultra microSDXC UHS-I/Class 10 Memory Card with Adapter Cube2 256GB MicroSD Card

One Red, omnidirectional, LED for use with Cube2 Cube2 LED Red

One Blue, omnidirectional, LED for use with Cube2 Cube2 LED Green

Battery Charger for Cube2 small capacity batteries Cube2SmallBatteryCharger

Small capacity Cube2 battery. Vertical orientation 7 grams Cube2 SmallBattery-V

Medium capacity Cube2 battery. Vertical orientation.16 grams Cube2 MediumBattery-V

Cube2 128 Channel Analog Front End Cube2 128 Channel AFE


Standard battery Charger for Cube2 medium and large capacity batteries Cube2StandardBatteryC

If an equal item can be offered, submit the technical specifications and it will be reviewed for technical acceptability and compatibility with existing VA systems.

If the contractor can provide the above items, the contractor shall provide a letter from the manufacturer stating they are an authorized distributor/licenser of their products. Failure to submit an authorized distributor letter shall result in the product(s) potentially offered to be considered grey market and shall not be considered technically acceptable.

The capability statements received from this market research are for planning purposes only and will assist the Government in planning its acquisition strategy. This is strictly market research and the Government will not entertain questions concerning this market research. The Government will not assume any costs incurred by the contractor in the preparation of responses. All responses shall be submitted in writing no later than July 17, 07:00 AM, EST to the attention of: Cole J. Culley, VA Medical Center, 27 Averill Avenue, Hampton, VA 23667. All responses shall have the subject line, Sources Sought 36C24618Q9408: DigitalLynx System.
E-mail address:

Performance location:

VAMC Durham
508 Fulton Street
Durham, NC 27705

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