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NEC Data Center Power and Cooling Upgrade

Utah, United States
Government : Military
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Dugway Proving Ground requires a contractor to engineer, furnish, install, secure, test, (EFIS&T) and make operational the following in building 5330 NEC Data Center:
1. Provide, install and make operational an Emergency Power-Off (EPO) switch in order to allow for quick powering down of equipment. These Emergency Power off Panels enable rapid power shutoff that minimizes further injury and damage to personnel and equipment in an emergency situation. This is was an RMF and ADCCP survey team finding.
2. Provide, install and make operational humidity monitoring and regulation controls due to heavy condensation on server racks whenever swamp coolers are used in the building where the data center is housed.
3. Provide, install and make operational airflow hot-aisle containment system, ensuring that cold air flows through datacenter equipment while hot air aisles send hot air into the intakes for the air conditioner and air handler units.
4. Provide, install and make operational InfraStruXure Virtual Machine server with 3000 node license for monitoring data center and Campus area network UPS.
5. Provide three-year Maintenance for the support of existing APC Equipment that shall include Next Business Day on-site remedial service from certified personnel, parts, labor, travel, and annual preventive maintenance visit providing comprehensive inspection of UPS and PDU systems.
6. This contract shall include the procurement, installation, and maintenance/support and warranty agreement for all newly installed devices and equipment.

Paul E. Frailey, Contracting Officer, Phone 4358312587, Email

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