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Solicitation for NCI Genomic Characterization Centers

Maryland, United States
Government : Federal
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Amendment No.: 1 to RFP

Date of ********* 12/20/2018

The above ******** Request For (RFP) is amended as set forth below. The hour and date specified for receipt of offers remains ********* at 4:00 PM Wash. DC local prevailing time.

******** MUST receipt of the amendment prior to the hour and the date specified in the solicitation or as amended, by separate letter, telegram, or email which includes a reference to the RFP and Amendment number. For your convenience, the Intent Response Form is provided in SECTION J - List of Attachments of this RFP, for this purpose.


This Amendment provides responses to questions received under RFP :

Note of clarification:
Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contracts are used when the Government cannot determine the precise quantities of products or services that will be required during the contract period of performance. Under this particular requirement the base awards will be for a five-year period of performance. Once the quantity of supplies/services are determined, a Task Order (TO) for services will be competed in their respective (DNA, RNA or Protein) pools and a TO award will be made after an evaluation of the s received. For this RFP please provide separate responses to the Base SOW AND all of the TO SOWs (DNA, RNA or Protein) pools for which your firm would like to be considered for an award.

Question 1:
Article B.2. Prices/Costs says maximum of $49,832,452 for successful performance of the contract. Is that the maximum budget amount that can be requested; and, is it for one task order or all three; and, is that including indirect costs?
Under Article B.2. Prices/Costs the $49,832,452 is the maximum dollar/ceiling amount (inclusive of indirect costs) for all potential task order awards made under all contract awards resulting from this solicitation for Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) type contracts. As noted in the Additional Business Instructions, proposed fixed per-unit prices shall include all direct and indirect costs.

Question 2:
On page 57 item #4 Small Business Subcontracting Plan states "if the proposed contract exceeds a total estimated cost of $700K for the entire period of performance, the offeror shall be required to submit an acceptable subcontracting plan..." - Is that $700K for one task order or total for all 3, including indirect costs?
Any contracts awarded under this RFP will have a ceiling amount of $49,832,452, which exceeds the $700K subcontracting plan threshold. Therefore, ******** (except for small businesses) must submit a subcontracting plan with their submission that uses the ceiling amount as the total estimated cost of the contract.

Question 3:
Can a non-US organization apply for this RFP?
Answer: Yes, a non-US organization may submit a under this Request for (RFP) if they can perform all tasks within the statement(s) of work.

Question 4:
The question came up about whether there is any notion of what kind of output would be needed. I know there is a reference in the RFP to having a capacity for 100 genomes per month, but the actual contracts could be for far less, correct?
Answer: Correct. No minimum volume is guaranteed by the base contract or any individual task order. Actual amount of work load may be more or less than the minimum capacity for 100 genomes per month.

Question 5:
What is the source for tumors?
Answer: All tumor or normal samples are of human origin.

Question 6:
The RFA lists Baylor as a current contract through 8/19 - what is this for?
Answer: The Request for (RFP) lists Baylor as the incumbent currently performing work under a subcontract from Leidos Biomedical Research which is the current prime contract holder for this requirement. This arrangement is not being replicated; contracts awarded as a result of this RFP will not be subcontracts under the Leidos contract. (It also should be noted that this requirement is a RFP which would res...

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