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NATO International Competitive Bidding (ICB): INTEL-FS Spiral 2 and BMD Functions for INTEL-FS

District Of Columbia, United States
Government : Federal
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The NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCI Agency) intends to issue an Invitation for Bid (IFB) for Intelligence Functional Services (INTEL-FS) Spiral 2 and BMD functions for INTEL-FS.

Potential U.S. prime contractors must 1) maintain a professionally active facility (office, factory, laboratory, etc.) within the United States, 2) be pre-approved for participation in NATO International Competitive Bidding (ICB), 3) hold a facility security clearance at the level of SECRET, and 4) be nominated to the bidders list by the U.S. Government.

In addition, execution of the proposed contract may require that personnel be required to hold individual security clearances at the level of SECRET.

The NCI Agency will award up to two contracts to cover the entire scope of work: one for the Front-end of the system (IFB-CO-14873-INTELFS2-A) and one for the Back-end of the system (IFB-CO-14873-INTELFS2-B).


Please see attached.


NATO ICB requires that the U.S. Government nominate U.S. prime contractors to the bidders list. Before the U.S. Government can nominate a U.S. prime contractor to the bidders list, however, the U.S. firm must be approved for participation in NATO ICB. Firms are approved for U.S. NATO ICB on a facility-by-facility basis.

The U.S. NATO ICB application is a one-time application. The application requires supporting documentation in the form of 1) a company resume indicating contracts completed as a prime contractor and 2) an annual report or set of financial documents indicating compilation, review, or audit by an independent CPA.

U.S. firms can download a copy of the U.S. NATO ICB application from the following website:

The application and supporting documentation may be submitted as e-mail attachments. If, when submitting the application, your firm is interested in a specific NATO ICB project, please include the following in the text of your email:

- the title and/or solicitation number of the project
- the name/phone/email of the company employee who should receive the bid documents

After approval of your one-time NATO ICB application, the U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) will then know to follow up by issuing a Declaration of Eligibility (DOE) for that project. NATO member governments use a DOE to nominate an approved firm to the bidders list for a particular NATO ICB project.


- Request from DOC that a DOE be issued (and, for firms new to NATO ICB, submit the completed one-time NATO ICB application): 26 September 2019

When requesting a DOE, specify the following:

1) whether you are interested in IFB-CO-14873-INTELFS2-A, IFB-CO-14873-INTELFS2-B, or both contracts.
2) the mailing address (if different from the facility address) to be used in the event CDs/DVDs or other materials need to be sent by mail

- NCI Agency issues IFB (target): January 2020

- Bid Closing (target): TBD

- Contract Award (target): December 2020

Period of Performance: Four years, followed by a one-year warranty

Lee Ann Carpenter, Trade & Industry Analyst, Phone 202-482-2583, Email - Parya Fenton, Trade and Industry Analyst, Phone 2024828228, Email

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