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Multi Gene Non- Personal Services

California, United States
Government : Military
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The Contractor shall provide transportation, personnel, equipment, material, management, supervision, administration, labor and all other services listed in this Performance Work Statement (PWS) for the 60th Medical Group, David Grant Medical Center (DGMC), Department of Pathology, Laboratory Flight, Travis Air Force Base when required as described for David Grant Medical Center Travis AFB. Services include clinically validated laboratory test, Oncotype DX, the first and only diagnostic multi-gene expression test service commercially available for patients with early-stage node-negative, estrogen receptor positive breast cancer that has clinical evidence validating its ability to perform the likelihood of breast cancer recurrence, likelihood of survival within 10 years of diagnosis and the likelihood of chemo therapy benefit. All services provided shall be performed in accordance with all applicable laws, regulations, standards, local instructions, and commercial practices.

Bailey Moreland, Contract Specialist , Phone 7074247737, Fax 7074242712, Email - Vitaliy Kim, Contract Officer, Phone 707-424-7740, Fax 7074242712, Email

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