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Market Survey - VoIP Technology and its Application to Air Traffic Service Ground Voice Networks classroom training.

District Of Columbia, United States
Government : Federal
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The international for VoIP in Air Traffic Control (ATC) has ******** been approved at Rev C and the Federal ******** (FAA) contemplates ******** on the new version. The FAA *********** seeks two (5) day ******** courses, with a maximum of 16 per ******** course (32 total) which will take place at the FAA Oklahoma City location.

The FAA is seeking ******** that includes the following:

1)The course must provide a broad picture of VoIP technology and its application to ATS Ground Voice Networks starting with a technology and functionality overview of today's operational telephone and radio networks followed by a high level description of how VoIP will be used in aeronautical ground telephone and radio communications.

2)The course must provide technical details about EUROCAE VoIP (ED-137/138) in ATM Ground Telephone interfaces + Telephone Lab. The course must provide in-depth details about VoIP functionality in the ATS Ground Telephone network followed by an explanation of the configuration and functionality of ED-137C Telephone Emulator. The course must have the participants undertake a practical lab session using ED-137C Telephone Emulators connected through a Network and performing a series with test case scenarios in order to fully understand the ED-137C Telephone Interfaces.

3)The course must provide technical details about EUROCAE VoIP (ED-137/138) in ATM Ground Ra...

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