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MWRO MABO Multi-Disciplinary A/E CRM IDIQ Contract

Nebraska, United States
Government : Military
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The National Park Service (NPS), Midwest Region Major Buying Office (MABO) located at 601 ********** Drive, Omaha, Nebraska 68102, is seeking ********* to provide Multi-Disciplinary (A/E) Design ******** under an ******** Quantity (IDIQ) This ******** will focus on historic preservation projects for cultural landscapes and historic structures in park units in the Midwest Region (Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, Nebraska, North and South Dakota).
The properties and related projects vary in complexity, scale and the matters to be addressed. The properties are located within the National Park Service, Midwest Region units and National Historic Landmarks (NHLs) under a variety of ownerships. The Midwest Region contains sixty individual parks, with over two thousand historic structures, over one thousand cultural landscapes and over four hundred NHLs. The Midwest Region of the NPS includes nationally significant historic sites associated with Indian cultures, the fur trade, the exploration and opening of the American West, Civil War and frontier battles, presidential homes, and important 20th century developments in business, society and civil rights. Additionally there are parks of scenic and natural beauty which include historic structures in cultural landscapes of local significance.
The NHLs present in the Midwest Region represent a large cross-section of American history and designs. They are among the nationB?s most significant historic places, and while some are units within the National Park system, most are owned by other governmental agencies, non-profits, or private individuals. The diverse NHLs include residences, farms, military, industrial and commercial complexes, designed and vernacular landscapes, monuments and cemeteries. The sites represent the development of the Midwest and include not only vernacular designs but high style examples of French Colonial, Gothic, Queen Anne, Tudor, Classical Revival, Craftsman and Modern.
Most of the NPS properties are vernacular in nature. These include: historic institutional or military complexes, such as life-saving stations, lighthouses, schools, and forts; industrial complexes, such as mines and mining town sites, steel producing and shipping districts; agricultural properties, such as those supporting farming, ranching, fishing and logging; historic transportation systems such as canals, railroads, roads, maritime and aviation properties; a large variety of homes and cabins ranging from Mandan-Hidatsa earth lodges, to resorts, to presidential homes, to model and modular houses.
Designed or relatively high-style properties include: parks developed by the Civilian Conservation Corps, parkways and recreational lodges, cabins and shelter structures; Beaux Arts- inspired landscapes, monuments, and memorials; institutional campuses, cemeteries and military parks; and unique artistic creations such as the Gateway Arch and Mount Rushmore.
The scope of work includes Predesign ******** which may comprise primary and secondary historical research, field investigation, site survey, physical investigation and materials testing, condition assessment; Schematic Design ******** including treatment recommendations, conceptual designs, design guidelines, cost estimates, value analysis, asbestos and lead paint analysis, and other architectural/engineering work; Design Development and Construction Document ******** including preparation of construction drawings, specifications, cost estimates and value engineering; and Construction Management such as inspection/ observation, site visits, consultation, review of submittals and shop drawings, and preparation of operation and maintenance manuals and as-built drawings.
Required disciplines include historical landscape architecture; historical architecture; architectur...

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