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MFEW Total System Support

Maryland, United States
Government : Military
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RFI Posting - MFEW Total System Support Contract

The purpose of this market survey is to locate potential industry sources capable of providing the following for the Multi-Function Electronic Warfare - Air Large (MFEW-AL) Payload System: program management support, product upgrades and improvements, integration support, test support, obsolescence management, product support activities, depot activities (including repairs and acquisition of parts and spares), configuration management, and quality assurance.

The MFEW-AL Payload System is composed of the Offensive Electronic Attack (OEA), Electronic Warfare Support (ES) and supporting hardware/software components. The MFEW-AL program is an Acquisition Category (ACAT) III program. The MFEW-AL is a lightweight, high-performance, all-weather, multi-functional EW system that is integrated onto the multi-purpose Gray Eagle Unmanned Aircraft (UA) platform.

The MFEW-AL system, when installed onto the Gray Eagle (GE) Unmanned Aerial System (UAS), will provide: 1) Offensive Electronic Attack (OEA) - Non-Kinetic Fires capability with the intent of denying, degrading, or disrupting enemy communications capability and non-communications emitters; 2) Electronic Warfare Support (ES) - Capability to search, intercept, identify, and locate or localize sources of intentional and unintentional radiated electromagnetic (EM) energy for the purpose of immediate threat recognition, targeting, planning, and execution of future operations; 3) Dissemination of Military Information Support Operations (MISO) products; and 4) Support of Offensive Cyber Operations (OCO). The MFEW-AL provides Commanders airborne EW capability in direct support of maneuver formations.

The MFEW-AL system is comprised of Electronics Assembly (EA), Antenna Assembly & Power Supply (PS), Amplifier Assembly, and Computer Chassis; a kit which consists of mounting hardware, cables and other airframe components; and a ground component. No designs or supporting documentation will be supplied by the Government.

Anticipated RFP Release Date if the Government decides to Proceed: 3rd Quarter Fiscal Year 2020

The security requirements for this effort will be as follows: Top Secret facility clearance and Top Secret safeguarding capability.

1. Interested vendors are required to provide an approach on how to meet the below requirements and be able to demonstrate the ability to support immediately due to the ongoing need for fielded MFEW-AL systems support:

a) Engineering Support for MFEW-AL hardware (HW) and software/firmware (SW/FW), for the payload and ground equipment, and for Test and Integration services.

b) Program Management services, including performance and schedule metrics, travel, and support for government meetings and integrated product teams (IPTs).

c) Materials for updating, maintaining, and sustaining the MFEW-AL Payload and ground equipment.

d) Logistic/configuration management.

e) Associated Support & Testing tools.

f) Training.

g) Obsolescence Management.

h) Equipment retrofit.

i) Field Service Engineers (FSEs) and Field Service Representatives (FSRs) to provide system integration, testing, training, operation and maintenance support of the system at designated CONUS/OCONUS sites.

j) Quality Assurance services.

k) Depot level repair on the system. Repairs shall include but not limited to End items, LRUs, Shop Replaceable Units (SRUs) and repairable components.

The Government will define specific requirements in individual Task Orders (TO) for services or Delivery Orders (DO) for materials.

The Government envisions a hybrid Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) five-year contract, with Firm-Fixed-Price (FFP) and Cost-Plus-Fixed-Fee (CPFF) components.

Any TO or DO issued under the IDIQ will specifically identify contract CLIN type by task. The Government envisions use of FFP CLINs to purchase materials (e.g., spare parts) and FFP on select well-defined, limited scope service tasks. The Government will utilize CPFF CLINs to purchase services beyond those of limited scope.

Interested parties need to identify their capability to meet all of the requirements by submitting an unclassified white paper. Respondents must also address the following items:

2. All responses should include a cover page with the following information:

a) Company Name

b) Mailing Address and Website.

c) Point of contact, position, and email address.

d) Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Code.

e) North America Industry Classification System (NAICS) number.

g) Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number.

h) Corporate capability to include available facilities to execute sustainment requirements,
Facility Clearance and safeguarding levels.

i) Identification of business size, i.e. U.S. large or small business in relation to
North American Industry Classification System Code 811219- Other Electronic and Precision Equipment Repair and Maintenance. Small businesses must identify any applicable socio-economic categories such as small disadvantaged business, service-disabled veteran-owned small business, 8(a), woman owned small business, etc.

The current provider is Lockheed Martin Corporation (LMC) Owego, NY. LMC maintains support/configuration management of hardware internal modules and maintains the software source code. The Government does not have detailed documentation on hardware modules or the software source code. Consequently, the Government does not have the detailed documentation or source code to provide to a third party. A technical data package is not available.
Responses as a potential source of the described support/services above are due within 20 business days of the posting date. Telephone or email requests for additional information will not be honored. Responses must be unclassified, and must not exceed 15 pages in length (includes cover page, and table of contents). Double sided printed pages will be counted as two pages. Responses must be with fonts no smaller than 10 point, and one inch margins. Information is to be presented in one continuous form in either Microsoft Word and/or Microsoft PowerPoint or .pdf. Information will be provided through e-mail only.

Your response to the Sources Sought Notice (SSN) will be treated as information only. The request does not constitute a solicitation for proposals, a promise to issue a RFP in the future, or the authority to enter into negotiations to award a contract. Interested parties are responsible for adequately marking proprietary or competition sensitive information contained in the response. The Government does not intend to pay for the information submitted in response to the SSN request.

The US Army Contracting Command (ACC) at Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG), Maryland and Product Director Electronic Attack (PdD EA) are conducting market research. The purpose of this market survey is to identify parties qualified and interested in becoming the prime contractor for this effort.

White paper and additional data must be provided to this office no later than 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time on October 07, 2019. Only responses received by this date will be considered. Respondents must identify, in writing, their interest and capability to respond to these requirements by submitting one (1) electronic copy via email to Ms. Antonetta Minniti,, Mr. Mohammed Rizki,, and Mr. Eric C. Pyles,


Eric C. Pyles, Contract Specialist Intern, Phone 443-861-4792, Email

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