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Lodging Requirment 1984th, 9th MSC Annual Training

Hawaii, United States
Government : Military
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1. DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES:  Contractor shall provide all facilities, management, equipment and labor necessary to ensure that lodging services are provided for the 1984th USAH Soldiers in support of the unit's annual training. This annual training is scheduled from 16 August - 06 September 2019 at Tripler Army Medical Center, Honolulu, Hawaii. Services shall be performed in accordance with Federal, state, and local polices and ordinance.

1.1. LODGING ROOMS/PARKING:  Contractor shall provide eighteen (18) lodging rooms with double occupancy (double bed) on 16 AUG - 06 SEPT 2019 with 100 percent of the room available for early check-in and late check-out. Daily housekeeping service is required. Parking must also be provided for the rental vehicles, personnel vehicles and/or government vehicles (quantity to be determined). The government reserves the right to increase or decrease the amount of reserved rooms up to 7 days prior to the beginning of the performance period. In the event of no- show, contract will charge only one night per room for no show.

2. SERVICE PERFORMANCE SUMMARY:  Contractor service requirements are summarized into performance objectives that relate directly to mission essential items. The performance threshold briefly describes the minimum acceptable levels of service required for each requirement. These thresholds are critical to mission success.3. GOVERNMENT FURNISHED ITEMS:  None4. SPECIAL PROVISIONS:  None

4.1. Quality Control:  The contractor shall maintain a quality control program to ensure services are performed in accordance with commonly accepted commercial practices.

 4.2. Performance Assessment:  The Government will evaluate the contractor's performance under this contract using the Performance Assessment Plan.4.3. Contractor Employees Special Qualifications:  Contractor shall be insured and licensed as a lodging facility in the State of Hawaii.


Christiaan.D Lawes, Contracting NCO, Phone 8086560984, Email - Darryl E. Weaver, Contract Specialist, Phone 8086560986, Fax 8086561056, Email

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