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Alaska, United States
Government : Federal
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U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Anchorage, AK has a requirement for a commercial item or service. This combined synopsis/solicitation is prepared in accordance with the format in FAR Subpart 12.6 (as supplemented with additional information included in this notice). This posting will be referred to under Request for Proposal (RFP) Number 140F0719R0005. This announcement constitutes the only solicitation. A written solicitation will be issued and attached to this posting for reference only. This RFP falls under procedures in FAR Parts 12 and 13. This document incorporates provisions and clauses updated by way of the Federal Acquisition Circular (FAC) 2019-03, effective July 12, 2019. This requirement is set aside for small businesses. The North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) number is 541620, Environmental Consulting Services and the business size standard is $15M. This announcement constitutes the Government's only official notice of this procurement. The Government does not intend to pay for any information provided under this synopsis.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is requesting quotes to conduct well testing in accordance with the following performance work statement:

The Kodiak NWR Triplex is located at 512 Mill Bay Road. This is Section 32 of the Seward Meridian, Township 27 South, Range 19 West as shown on the USGS Kodiak (D-2) Southeast quadrangle, Alaska, 1:25,000 series, topographic map, dated 1987. Lot information - USS 2538A LT 6C EAST REZANOF.
A site reconnaissance visit is encouraged to be conducted in a proven systematic and detailed approach suitable for the subject property's size and/or complexity. Current property and adjoining property conditions will be documented. Identify areas of concern such as odors, stained soil or pavement, stressed vegetation, pools of liquids, drums, unidentified containers, electric or hydraulic equipment, solid waste, wells or septic systems. In addition, any indication of similar conditions from past use of the property or adjoining properties will be recorded. Visual and physical geologic, hydro geologic, hydrologic and topographic characteristics of the property and adjoining properties will be noted for the potential of migration of contaminants. As appropriate, additional site visit information shall include as applicable, a general description of the structures, roads, potable water supply, and sewage disposal system.
Interviews with government workers or other approved persons shall be conducted in person and documented, by email or memo. The contractor shall work closely with the site representative for any questions about the use and physical characteristics of the property. Appropriate local government officials may also be interviewed to obtain the necessary information. The contractor shall keep detailed notes of all interviews. These notes shall become the sole property of the USFWS. Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC) shall only receive copies of notes, documentations, and reports after they have been reviewed and approved by the government.

Provide the government with a detailed/no data gaps Work Plan of what must be accomplished to render this site clean. Ultimately the government requires no further action at this site according to ADEC standards. After the Work Plan is approved the Contractor will provide the services outlined in the plan task by task. Providing a cost task by task is critical in case funding does not allow every task to be accomplished with this project. Work Plan shall include: notes, documents, reports, expert recommendations, ADEC inputs, and task cost breakdowns. Review of the three attached reports is critical to formulating a Work Plan that will achieve the governmentB?s desired result. Work Plan shall include as a minimum these items.
Costs for travel, mobilization, demobilization, oversight, safety, equipment, and sampling etc. for the work described above.
Define the lateral extent of soil contamination to the northwest of the site. This shall be a detailed analysis with no data gaps as the last report was inconclusive. Provide the amount of contaminated soils that need to be removed to achieve the governmentB?s desired result. This project includes removal of up to 10 CY of soil.
Provide a cost estimate per CY for excavating and disposing of any additional contaminated soils beyond that specified for removal.
Assessment of groundwater contamination. Contractor shall provide the government a recovery and remediation plan for the groundwater contamination. Provide the amount of contaminated groundwater that would need removal to achieve the governmentB?s desired result. In addition the Contractor shall sample monitoring wells MW1 and MW2 and give the government a expert determination of free product migration away from the source area during seasonal groundwater fluctuations.
Provide a cost per gallon price to remove and dispose of contaminated groundwater.
Provide a projected cost for coordination with ADEC.
Work Plan:
The Work Plan shall be prepared, submitted, and approved prior to conducting any work. The Work Plan shall describe the approach to waste stream identification and segregation, sample location selection, collection of samples, documentation and tracking of samples, safety and health precautions, repair of damage caused by sample collection (where necessary), the experience and qualifications of the personnel conducting the survey, and identity of the ADEC certified laboratories that will be used. The Work Plan will be delineated by Task such that each task can be priced separately and clearly defined.
Quality Assurance/Quality Control:
The Contractor shall perform QC/calibration checks on the XRF instrument in accordance with the instrument manufacturerB?s PCS. At a minimum, calibration checks for each XRF instrument shall be completed in accordance with the operator manual and the manufacturerB?s PCS. The calibration checks performed according to this paragraph that fall within the specification for the instrument shall demonstrate reading validity.
Contaminated Soils and Groundwater Survey and Sampling:
Contractor shall provide the services of an environmental professional to perform a soils investigation to complete sampling at the site. Major elements of the effort shall consist of the following:
Review all previous site reports and information and sample according to ADEC protocols. Also develop a hypothesis about where contaminants might migrate to if they have spread out of the immediate government owned area. This hypothesis will be part of the Contractors proposal. The government assumes ten soil samples at a two foot depth and ten soil samples at a three foot depth as a minimum, as long as this is consistent with ADEC protocols and also gives the government the best most accurate information about soil contamination amounts and contamination migration. Any other soil samples necessary will be pre-priced by the Contractor on a per sample basis. The pre-price will be part of the proposal.
The Contractor shall conduct as many groundwater samples as approved as necessary as long as this is consistent with ADEC protocols and also gives the government the best most accurate information about groundwater conditions. Additional samples necessary will be pre-priced by the Contractor on a per sample basis. The pre-price will be part of the proposal.
Contractor shall examine the subsurface conditions by drilling or digging test holes, logging the subsurface strata, and taking soil samples for laboratory analysis.
Samples shall be submitted to an ADEC approved laboratory for analysis of Diesel Range Organics (DRO) by Alaska Method AK102, Gasoline Range Organics (GRO) and Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene, and Xylene (BTEX), by Alaska Method AK101. Environmental samples shall be delivered to the laboratory using chain-of-custody procedures.
Field headspace screening shall be performed on all soil samples taken from test holes. Samples shall be screened using a Photo Ionization Detector (PID). Readings shall be logged.
Results Report:
The Contractor shall prepare a report that includes the appropriate documentation to support the analysis, opinions, and conclusions as well as the following.
Report shall present the laboratory results from the site sampling.
Provide a map showing the actual location of test holes.
Provide summary and conclusion as to the extent of the potential contamination.
Soil sample results should be compared to soil cleanup levels for petroleum established by the ADEC.
Provide remediation requirements of any contaminants identified on site. Remediation requirements shall have process needed to comply with local, state and federal regulations.
The final deliverable shall consist of the following:
One 8 -1/2B? x 11B? Bound hard copy shall be submitted to the government. All maps and appendices shall be bound into the report. Maps and figures can be tri-folded 11B?x17B? as long as they are bound into report.
One electronic copy in the original formats the document was prepared in (i.e. MicrosoftB? Word, Excel, Project etc.).
Contracted Laboratory Qualifications:
The Contractor shall provide, as part of the Work Plan evidence of current NLLAP and/or NVLAP/AIHA accreditation for each laboratory used by the Contractor for analysis of samples collected or prepared under the terms of this SOW.
Laboratory Report Requirements:
The Contractor shall require the laboratory to provide the information necessary for the Contractor to comply with the data evaluation/validation procedures outlined in this SOW. This shall include a data package containing the following information:
Cover page information including methods, dates, instruments, digestions, and signature of the laboratory director.
Sample information including identification and the results for samples, blanks, QC samples, dilution factors, and batch identification.    
Survey Report:
General Report Contents
In addition to the information described in the following paragraphs the Survey Report shall include:
Lot name
Point of contact (POC), title, organization and address
Note any discrepancies between the project work plan and the actual project activities performed.
Note any discrepancies between the Sample Location Selection detailed in the Work Plan and any changes made during sampling, along with explanation of differences.    
Survey Results:
As a minimum the following shall be included:
Date(s) of the survey and sample collection
Identification of field-portable methods used during the survey and applicable calibration check results.
Laboratory report and chain-of-custody forms
Comparison of the sample results to the criteria listed in this SOW as presented in matrix format.
Contractor Data Certification:
The report shall contain the certification from the Contractor that data used to develop conclusions and recommendations have been reviewed and validated, and have met DQOs.    
The contracted firm shall have a minimum of 2 yearsB? experience in conducting the type of environmental work outlined in the Scope.     
General Contact Information:
Tony Kuntz
Contracting Officer, Contracting and General Services
Office Phone:    (907) 786-3436
Confidentiality Statement:
The contractor shall protect the confidentiality of all work accomplished under this project. Quantity surveys and cost estimates shall remain the sole property of the USFWS, and shall not be made available to others for any purpose. The contractor shall not publicly disclose any data generated for review under this contract. Attachments provided are sole property of the USFWS. Submittals and data generated under this contract shall become the property of the USFWS and distribution to any source by the contractor, unless authorized by the USFWS, is prohibited.
Property Clearance & Access:
The contractor shall obtain clearances and access to the properties from the government and any other appropriate authorities. The contractor shall also arrange for and coordinate all locates with the local utility companies prior to subsurface investigations. The 2017 Report alludes that some contamination has possibly migrated off of federal property. The Contractor shall work closely and get approval from the site representative to coordinate/initiate any contact with the adjacent property owner.
Government-Furnished Equipment and Government-Furnished Information:
There is no government furnished equipment with this project.
Projected Schedule:
To be developed and provided with the Work Plan.

1. 2006 UST Report
2. 2017 Characterization Report

The basis for award is Best Value to the government.

Organization to be supported:
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Region 7
Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge
Kodiak, AK 99613

Please submit your quote on the attached SF-1449 or company letterhead with all pertinent point of contact information including SAM, Cage Code, DUNS No., and business size/type. In addition, your proposal should provide unit price and total price. No formal format is required as this is a combined synopsis/request for proposal solicitation. Offers must be received by 5:00 pm Eastern Time, 08/07/2019, at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, 1011 E. Tudor Rd M/S171, Anchorage, AK. It is preferable that quotes are emailed, however quotes may be mailed or e-mailed to the attention of:

There is no site visit scheduled, but a site visit may be scheduled upon request

Offerors must comply with all instructions contained in the Internet Payment Platform (IPP) DOI Electronic Invoicing instructions, and all clauses in the attached solicitation documentation.

The full text of any solicitation provision or clause referenced herein may be accessed electronically at

In order to have a quote considered, all offerors must be registered in the System for Award Management (SAM) website ( as an active vendor by the closing date of this solicitation. Quotes received from firms not registered in SAM by award date will not be considered.

Additional document information and attachments can be accessed at the FedConnect link under the (Additional Info) heading. Click (Public Opportunities) and search by using the reference number 140F0719R0005 to find any documents related to this requirement.

All questions regarding the subject synopsis/solicitation shall be directed to the attention of Tony Kuntz via email: or telephone: (907) 786-3436.

Kuntz, Anthony

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