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Arizona, United States
Government : Federal
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General Information:
This is to fulfill the 2018 Kingman Field Office (KFO) need for ********* the Kingman Springsnail species *********** and The Kingman springsnail is a BLM species and aligns with the ********** of Interior's (DOI) first ******** of a conservation legacy second only to Teddy by working to develop and implement ******** habitat monitoring and improvement projects. This project is in line with the guidance provided by BLM Manual 6840 - Special Status Species Management as it provides information about the habitat requirements and locations of the species to assist with management. This project furthers the objective detailed in 6840.02, which directs the BLM "B. To initiate proactive conservation measures that reduce or eliminate threats to Bureau species to minimize the likelihood of and need for listing of these species under the ESA." The authority lies under 6840.03 C. with the Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976 (43 U.S.C. 1701 et seq.), as amended (FLPMA). The manual states in 6840.04 that "A. The Director is responsible for overseeing implementat...

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