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KC - Ultrasound Bronchoscope

Kansas, United States
Government : Federal
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The Kansas City VA Medical Center is looking to procure additional scopes to accommodate the increasing number of procedures that we are currently doing. Purchasing additional scopes also ensures that in the event of scheduled maintenance or unexpected repairs, we will be able to continue to provide care to our Veterans.

The current Pulmonary endoscopes in use are Olympus brand IAW VHA National Standardization of Endoscopes memo. Kansas City VA Medical Center also has Olympus endoscopes in use throughout the facility, therefore the decision was made by Pulmonary section leadership to stay with Olympus products. Kansas City VA Medical Center Pulmonary has well established standard operating procedures in place for set up, pre-cleaning, and reprocessing of Olympus endoscopes.

In addition, there is a well-established set of Olympus endoscope competencies in place along with the training material and processes necessary to achieve these competencies. The intention of the standardization effort is to achieve the goal of establishing locally standardized Pulmonary endoscope inventories through VHA without incurrent expense beyond what is necessary.

Repair/maintenance and upgrading will be easier to manage with just one contractor. This will reduce the variety of instruments and thus the number of standard operating procedures for set up and reprocessing of this reusable medical equipment. This will reduce the chance of errors during reprocessing due to a standardized process.

This solicitation uses a Brand Name or Equal Description of the product required. This permits prospective contractors to offer products other than those specifically referenced by brand name. All offers must work with existing equipment that has already been purchased and is currently in use at the station.

The purchase will provide bronchoscopes for the Pulmonary section at the Kansas City VA Medical Center. The endobronchial ultrasound bronchoscopes will provide the MSSC service with a digital imaging system to view and diagnose patient systems.

The contractor shall furnish and install all bronchoscopes at the Kansas City VA Medical Center. Contractor shall provide all labor, time, and materials to install new devices. Equipment shall meet the specifications as outlined in this SOW.
Selection Criteria:
EBUS Bronchoscope (BF-UC180F) or similar product
Channel Width: 2.2 mm
Working Length: 600 mm
Field of View: 80
Direction of View: 35 degree forward oblique
Depth of Field: 2-50
Outer Diameter: 6.9
Outer Diameter Insertion Tube: 6.2
Max Angulation Up: 120
Max Angulation Down: 90

Item #
Ultrasound Bronchoscope with MAJ-2056 Detachable Cable for EUS and EBUS

James W Hogue
Contracting Officer

Contracting Officer

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