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Joint Simulation Environment (JSE) Facility, Edwards AFB, CA

California, United States
Government : Military
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This is a SOURCES SOUGHT NOTICE for information only. Replies by interested parties will be used by this agency for preliminary planning purposes. No proposal or contract will be awarded from this notice. No reimbursement will be made for any costs associated with providing information in response to this notice or any follow up information requests. The U. S. Army Corps of Engineers has been tasked to solicit and award a firm fixed price contract to design and construct the Joint Simulation Environment (JSE) Facility at Edwards AFB, CA

PROJECT: Design and Construct a two story 72,140 square foot Joint Simulation Environment (JSE) facility at Edwards AFB, CA. The new facility will be Type IIB. Materials and finishes will take cues from the adjacent buildings and comply with the Edwards AFB Installation Facility Standards (IFS). Work will include reinforced concrete foundation and slab floor, structural steel frame, split-face masonry unit walls, standing seam metal roof, sensitive compartmentalized information facilities (SCIF), special access program facilities (SAPF), fire detection and protection systems, utilities, emergency generator, communication support, pavements, site improvements including covered walkways, existing facility demolition, and all other necessary support. Facilities will be designed as permanent construction in accordance with DoD Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) 1-200-01, General Building Requirements and UFC 1-200-02, High Performance and Sustainable Building Requirements. This project will comply with DoD antiterrorism/force protection requirements per UFC 4-010-01.

BACKGROUND: The Air Force's 5th Generation aircraft testing capabilities are becoming increasingly limited in open air ranges. In order to support the Air Force's needs of developmental and operational testing a new facility is required which is organic to the Air Force. The JSE is a robust modeling, simulation and analysis (MS&A) infrastructure that enables accurate evaluation of multi-domain capabilities across all classification levels, critical for force development. JSE will directly support the Air Force investment in MS&A to enable rapid assessment of advanced technologies and concepts developed by government, industry, and academia in consistent operational environments. JSE is a MS&A infrastructure which will support basic research, war gaming, development planning, experimentation campaigns and operational/strategic analysis.

The purpose of this notice is to gain knowledge of the experience and qualifications of the various members of the construction community, including Large Business concerns, Small Business concerns, Hubzone small business concerns, Women-owned small business concerns, Small disadvantages business concerns; Veteran-owned small business concerns, Service Disabled Veteran owned small business concerns and 8(a) firms. The type of set-aside decision or not will depend upon the responses to this sources sought notice.

In accordance with Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations sub-part 236.204(ii), the estimated magnitude of this project is: Between $25,000,000 and $100,000,000. The total contract performance period is 730 calendar days.

Minimum capabilities required include, previous experience of projects similar to magnitude and complexity.

Interested sources shall submit a capability statement demonstrating their ability to perform the work as described above. Responses are requested with the following information, which shall not exceed a total of six pages.

1 Offerors name, address, point of contact, with telephone numbers, and email addresses.

2 Business size/classification, to include any designations as Small Business, HUBZone, Service Disabled, Veteran Owned, or 8(a) and NAICS code designation.

3. Bonding capability (construction bonding level per single contract and aggregate construction bonding level, both expressed in dollars; along with current available bonding capacity).

4. Description of capability to perform the proposed project. Manage subcontractors, prepare and comply with various environmental and construction permits (including California), and capacity to execute this project with other ongoing construction contracts.

5. Firm's interest in proposing on the solicitation when it is issued.

6. Past performance/experience on projects of similar scope and magnitude, describing no more than three (3) projects that are complete or at least 50% construction complete and that ran concurrently within the past six years. The past performance information should include project title, location, general description to demonstrate relevance to the proposed project, the Offerors' role, dollar value of contract, and name of the company, agency or Government entity for which the work was performed with contact information (reference name, phone number and e-mail address). Your response MUST demonstrate experience in new construction, SCIF construction, AT/FP requirements, cyber security compliance and communications. Projects examples MUST be more than $30,000,000 with AT LEAST one (1) project in excess of $35,000,000. Additionally, one (1) of the projects must be a Design Build (DB) project. Lastly, one (1) project must have occurred on a military installation.

Responses should be submitted to Lucia A. Carvajal, Contract Specialist, via Electronic transmittal to Submittals are due no later than August 1st, 2019. Submittals will not be returned. This is not a Request for Proposals, only a Request for Information. No award will result from this Sources Sought Notice. This notice does not constitute any commitment by the Government.



Lucia A. Carvajal, Contract Specialist, Phone 2134523240, Email

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