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Jamaica NY Main Office Fire Sprinkler

North Carolina, United States
Government : Federal
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The U. S. Postal Service plans to issue a Fixed Price Contract to complete a Fire Sprinkler project at the Jamaica, New York NY Main Office located at 8840 164th Street, Jamaica, NY 11432. All work will be done in accordance with USPS approved specifications and drawings.

The estimated cost range of the project is $2,100,000 to $2,800,000 with construction completion within 180 calendar days from receipt of notice to proceed. Contractors must submit a Management Plan with their price proposal. Only the most qualified contractors will be considered.
To be considered, a company must meet the following minimum requirements:
(1) Contractors must be licensed, as required by the State, to perform the work as stated in this solicitation. USPS does not exempt suppliers from licensure for federal projects unless indicated otherwise in the solicitation.
(2) Contractors must have been in the construction business for a minimum of five years as of the date of this solicitation. There is no requirement that eligible contracting firms remained the identical entity for the five-year period, although legal entity changes (such as from a partnership to a corporation) that occurred during this five-year period should be clearly explained, and if key personnel were retained, this should also be clearly explained.
(3) Contractor must be capable of obtaining performance and payment bonds for 100% of the contract price.
(4) Contractors must provide their EMR rating on insurance company letterhead. If the EMR rating is greater than 1.0, the contractor must provide an explanation from its insurance company in order to be given further consideration for prequalification.
(5) Company must submit information for three comparable projects that have either been completed within the past five years or are currently ongoing. Comparable projects are defined as projects with similar scopes of work as the subject project and costs of $1,000,000 or more.

The Qualification Statements will be evaluated in accordance with the criteria stated: experience/performance and capabilities. The price proposals for only the most highly qualified contractors will be considered.

The Postal Service is more concerned with making an award at the lowest overall price than with obtaining superior technical or management features. However, the Postal Service may not necessarily make an award at the lowest price in order to achieve a small price savings if better value can be achieved with superior technical or management features. The benefits of a higher priced proposal may merit a higher price. The evaluation factors outlined in Section 2-26.2, of the Supplying Principles and Practices, listed in descending order of importance, will be used in the evaluation of proposals.
prequalified contractors will be placed on a list for inclusion in future solicitations in this area with similar scopes of work. There is no guarantee that a specific number of solicitations will be issued to these prequalified contractors.


The SOLICITATION PACKAGE and all applicable attachments are posted in Emptoris.

QUESTIONS SHOULD BE DIRECTED TO Paige Lyne at or Tom Pio at Deadline for questions is noon EST on 3-20-19.

ALL SOLICITTION DOCUMENTS ARE LOCATED IN EMPTORIS. If not registered, you must do so and upon approval, notify me at so that you're granted access. Submit proposals via Emptoris, the USPS esourcing venue. The link is For help with the eSourcing program, please contact the USPS eSourcing at or call 1-800-332-0317, options 4 and 5. All contractors are advised to use the tutorial in the upper right hand portion of the screen once you are logged in, to familiarize yourself with the system prior to the event taking place. If responding to a specific solicitation, please notify us after registration so that we may add you to the invitation list to view the documents.

There will be no public opening of offers. All proposal information received is CONFIDENTIAL until award of a contract. Upon award, the name of the successful offeror and the amount of the contract will be released as public information. The names of offerors and the amount of their offers will not be released as public information. This information is exempt from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act, Exception 4.

Jacquelyn P. Lyne, Purchasing and Supply Management Specialist EAS-21, Email

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