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Interactive Flat Panels

Virginia, United States
Government : Federal
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This Sources Sought Request for Information (RFI) is issued for informational purposes to locate capable businesses. The Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) is conducting market research and desires input from the industry to assist in requirements planning. The information requested by this RFI will be used within the DoDEA to facilitate the decision making process and will not be disclosed outside of DoDEA. Please note: This is not a commercial solicitation and DoDEA will not be responsible for any costs incurred by interested parties in responding to this RFI.

1. Description: DoDEA is seeking sources to replace its aging and failing Interactive Flat Panels (IFP's) that are located in DoDEA classrooms and offices worldwide. There are also plans to outfit new DoDEA schools with IFPs as the schools are opened. The potential contract to purchase IFB's will include installation of new IFPs, removal and disposal of old IFPs, and user training (web-based or in person) for the newly installed IPFs. The potential contract will require multi-touch interactive display packages with the availability of select sizes and specifications as well as peripherals for use in classroom spaces, meeting spaces, and other collaborative areas in schools and offices worldwide. It is expected the newly purchased IFPs will be required to operate using SMART Notebook 16 software.

2. Information Requested:

a. Below are the major features the IFPs are expected to have. Please respond to the information and questions requested below:

i. DoDEA would like the option to purchase Interactive Flat Panels (IFPs) in at least three incremental sizes between 42 and 100 inches. Please provide the sizes available for you IFP's.

ii. Please provide the UHD Native Resolution offered with your IFP.

iii. Does your IFP have non-reflective, anti-glare surface?

iv. DoDEA would like the product to have at least two high definition (HDMI or DisplayPort) inputs as well as USB 2.0 input. Provide the number and types of ports offered with your product.

v. DoDEA is seeking to purchase panels that allow for at least 4 simultaneous touch points. Provide the number of touch points offered with your product.

vi. DoDEA would like hardware to allow for pen tool and use of hands on the board for intuitive use and easy switching between writing and using "mouse features". Please indicate your product's capability in using these features.

vii. Software - DoDEA anticipates using SMART Notebook 16 software with the IFP's. Please indicate your IFP's compatibility with the SMART software and if any software features will not work with your IFP.

- Does your IFP provide ink layer options for writing over non-software learning resources?
- Is your IFP compatible with document cameras to allow for image capture?
- Does your product allow integration with SMART screen recorder built in to capture screencasts, including audio, for archived learning?
- Is your IFP compatible with SMART response assessments and response software and devices?
- Is your organization authorized to sell, install, and provide updates to SMART Notebook 16 software?

viii. What peripherals, such as, pens, cords, USB receivers, speakers, cameras, document cameras are included or can be purchased separately? Are the peripherals compatible with the combination of your IFP and SMART Notebook 16 software?

ix. Please indicate what is included in the standard hardware warranty and what optional warranty packages can be purchased separately.

x. Since DoDEA will use the IFP's in DoDEA schools and offices worldwide, what are your organization's IFP's international power capabilities and options?

b. What is the estimated time required after an order of IFP's is placed (example: 40-50 units), for your organization to deliver and install IFP's in DoDEA schools located in Europe? Pacific? United States?

c. Provide pricing arrangements typical for supplying IFP's to include shipping, installation, training, and/or other events associated with this type of acquistion.

d. Provide any information related to any major risks that may be associated with this type of requirement for the vendor and/or government.

e. Any special contract terms and conditions that would need to be included in a subsequent solicitation.

f. Insight as to the commerciality of this item, i.e. do you currently provide this item to any customer other than the Federal Government?

g. Identify the information necessary for your organization to provide a proposed price (e.g. annual subscription for maintenance/software updates, etc.)

h. Company Information. Please provide business name, address, telephone number, points of contact name(s), phone number, e-mail address.

i. Identification of business size and whether currently designated a small business as defined the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Part 19 and also currently registered in the System of Award Management (SAM). Small business size standards are published by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) and may be found at The applicable North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Code is 334118. Small Business size is 1,000 employees as stated in the text on page 16 for Government acquisitions.

j. Capability Information should include a brief description of experience in providing the requirements similar to the requirement described above. Please include contract references relating to your company outfitting organizations and/or with IFPs. Information should include:

i. Contract number and Contract Type

ii. Agency/Company supported

iii. Period of performance

iv. Original contract value

v. Brief description of the effort.

k. Any other information your organization may deem useful to DoDEA.

l. The capability package must be clear, concise, and complete. DoDEA is under no obligation to provide feedback to the company, or to contact the company for clarification of any information submitted in response to this request. Capability packages should be limited to no more than 30 pages.

3. Submission Information: Response by e-mail is required and should be forwarded to John Baggett, Contracting Officer, via e-mail at Please respond before 1:00 pm EST on 23 January 2017.

John M. Baggett, Contracting Officer, Phone 5713721499, Email

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