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Integrated Management of Cultural Tourism (IMCT) in Egypt

Armed Forces Middle East, United States
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The tourism sector is one of the key economic drivers of growth and employment in Egypt. (See Section J.1).  USAID is supporting the Government of Egypt (GOE)’s efforts, through the Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Antiquities, to enhance Egypt’s competitiveness as a tourism destination. The “Integrated Management of Cultural Tourism” (IMCT) activity focuses on sustainably growing Cultural Tourism in Egypt.  This activity builds on prior investments by USAID, the GOE, and other donors in the preservation of cultural heritage and promotion of sustainable tourism.


The activity is geographically focused on Historic Cairo (Medieval Cairo) and the Luxor Governorate, henceforth referred to as “the targeted destinations” as detailed in section C5.  The Contractor shall work at these destinations to identify and implement initiatives that overcome barriers limiting Egypt’s full potential to provide new, integrated, and competitive cultural tourism experiences. 


This activity will create an enabling environment for the sustainable management of Egypt’s cultural heritage. Different models of partnerships and stakeholder participation in the management of cultural assets will be tested and institutionalized.  At the targeted destinations, private investments, local micro, small, and medium sized enterprises (MSMEs), and workforce from the local communities will be integrated into the cultural tourism value chain. Tourist revenues generated through unique visitor experiences will demonstrate the economic values associated with the protection of Egypt’s tangible and intangible cultural resources. 

Sandra Boulis, Acquisition & Assistance Specialist, Email - Nehal ElKhatib, Email

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