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Install Carpet (Lyons NJ)

New York, United States
Government : Federal
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The Department of Veteran s Affairs (VA), Office of Resolution Management (ORM) has a requirement to replace the worn carpet at the NJ Health Care Systems, Lyons NJ. The current conditions are, fair wear and tear, aged and a safety issue.


ORM strives to provide a safe, clean and productive work environment for those responsible for supporting ORM s mission.
The carpet, at the Lyons New Jersey, field office, needs to be replaced. Replacing the carpet with new flooring materials, would enhance the work environment, boost morale and remove any associated safety concerns.

Scope of work

This Statement of Work (SOW) is for the removal and disposal of the existing carpet and the purchase, delivery and installation of new flooring materials. The Contractor shall remove and properly dispose of the existing carpet, deliver and install the new flooring materials within 30 days of contract award. The successful contractor awarded this project shall provide all flooring materials, labor, supervision, transportation, delivery/shipping, supplies and tools necessary for proper carpet removal, delivery and installation of new flooring materials, even though certain items may not be specifically described in the specification. Contractor s quotation price must be all inclusive. Quotes must include carpet specifications to meet the requirement as described in this SOW.

Type of Contract
Firm Fixed Price
The Contractor shall provide:
Carpet Tile in 10 offices, and 1 conference room (approximately 4,706 square feet total)
Tandus-Centiva Contour Vintage Tower, Sawn Finish, Standard Bevel Edge in Antique Wood-CAN LVT wood plank modular tile (6 x 36 ) to cover approximately 1,000 square feet total
OR (a) and (b) in SIMILAR quality, durability, color and warranty for Reception Area.

Period of Performance
Delivery and installation shall occur within 45 days after contract award. The period of performance shall be 45 days from the date of award.

Any work at the Government site shall not take place on Federal holidays or weekends unless directed by the Contracting Officer (CO).

There are ten (10) Federal holidays set by law (USC Title 5 Section 6103) that VA follows:
Under current definitions, four are set by date:

New Year s Day January 1
Independence Day July 4
Veterans Day November 11
Christmas Day December 25
If any of the above falls on a Saturday, then Friday shall be observed as a holiday. Similarly, if one falls on a Sunday, then Monday shall be observed as a holiday.
The other six are set by a day of the week and month:
Martin Luther King s Birthday Third Monday in January Washington s Birthday Third Monday in February Memorial Day Last Monday in May Labor Day First Monday in September Columbus Day Second Monday in October Thanksgiving Fourth Thursday in November
Place of Performance

Department of Veteran s Affairs, NJ Health Care System, 151 Knollcroft Road, Bldg. 16 Lyons, NJ 07939 2nd & 3rd Floor.
8. Requirements.
(a) Contractor must be qualified and experienced to install all types of floor coverings. No unqualified worker shall do any type of work related to this project without the direct supervision of qualified personnel.
(b) Contractor shall conduct a site visit to verify site condition and the quantity of flooring product (s) required.
(c) Contractor shall notify VA Project Manager and COR in writing of any site conditions that may impair or prevent completion of the project as planned.
(d) Contractor shall provide samples of flooring materials as requested.
(e) Contractor shall provide a detailed work plan, drawings and briefing on the project, which presents the contractor s plan for completing the work.
(f) Contractor shall provide all encompassing pricing of flooring materials, supplies, labor costs, carpet removal and delivery/shipping costs for approximately 5,706 total square feet of space.
(g) Contractor shall verify all flooring product quantities before ordering.
(h) Contractor shall obtain approval by VA Project Manager (PM) and Contracting Officer Representative (COR) before beginning any work.
(i) Contractor shall prep floor to accept new flooring in accordance with the new carpet manufacturer s requirements and specifications.
(j) Contractor shall install new floor covering in accordance with manufacturer s specifications.
(k) Contractor shall install trims and/or transition strips as needed to allow smooth transition from new flooring to immediate adjacent surfaces.
(l) Contractor shall provide carpet manufacturer documentation providing material specifications. Material must be compatible for commercial office settings. All carpet must be in compliance with EPA standards.
(m) Upon completion of installation, the contractor shall remove all unused materials, containers, wrappings, cuttings, trimmings and any other debris which has accumulated as a result of this service and transport/dispose of as required by law. Areas shall be clean.
(n) Contractor will be liable for any damages to walls, furniture, floors, elevators or carpeting from installation.
(o) Contractor shall develop a punch list and perform repairs and replacements within 30 days after completion of installation.
(p) Contractor shall obtain certification of completion of work from the VA COR.
(q) Submit invoice for payment to the COR for all completed work.
9. Deliverables
The Contractor shall provide a detailed proposal inclusive of all associated costs that will be billed to the Department of Veteran s Affairs, Office of Resolution Management for carpet/flooring for space totaling 5, 706 sq. ft.
The Contractor shall remove and properly dispose of the existing carpet, deliver and install the new flooring material (s), remove any debris and clean up no later than 45 days from contract award.
# of Copies
Submit To
Obtain approval of detailed work plan
1 occurrence
Email, hardcopy, or Microsoft Office Word document 97 -2010, or PDF.
Deliver BPI s to COR
1 occurrence
Email, hardcopy, or Microsoft Office Word document 97 -2010, or PDF.
Onsite assessment
1 occurrence
In person
Notify COR of site conditions which may delay work
Email, hardcopy, or Microsoft Office Word document 97 -2010, or PDF.
Certificate of Insurance
UPON REQUEST (One time, at least 1 week prior to commencement of work)
Email, hardcopy, or Microsoft Office Word document 97 -2010, or PDF.
COR and Building Management Company
Name of Contractors representative, supervisor, crewmembers
One time, at least 1 week prior to commencement of work
Email, hardcopy, or Microsoft Office Word document 97 -2010, or PDF.

10. Supporting Information
No less than one week prior to commencement of work, the contractor shall provide the COR with a list of contractor staff participating in the work and the following information:
Company Name, Address, Telephone Number
Name of each individual contractor employee and position title
The Contractor will be responsible for confining its crew and work to the designated project areas. The contractor will also be responsible for ensuring that the installation personnel are identifiable.
Certificate of Insurance
A Certificate of Insurance (COI) shall be provided upon request.
Onsite parking will be available

Hours of Operation and Information
Delivery of materials and installation to 151 Knollcroft Road, Bldg. 16 Lyons, NJ 079393 2nd & 3rd Floor will be from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM excluding Federal Holidays. Flooring materials and worker tools will be unloaded in the front of the building and taken immediately to the work area. Notify the COR to arrange for delivery schedule. After hour delivery would have to be coordinated with the PM or COR.
Delivery and Acceptance
The Contractor shall coordinate the delivery of the flooring materials with the COR. The scheduled start date will be coordinated between the vendor and the Project Manager after contract award by the Contracting Officer. The schedule is subject to change as deemed necessary by VA Project Manager and COR.
Delivery Address
151 Knollcroft Road, Bldg. 16 Lyons, NJ 07939 2nd & 3rd Floor.
Clean Up
The contractor shall clean up and dispose of waste materials or rubbish in accordance with this paragraph and all applicable federal, state and local regulations, standards, codes and laws. The contractor shall make any necessary arrangements with private parties and with county officials pertaining to locations and regulations of such disposal. Any fees or charges for disposal of materials shall be the responsibility of the contractor. The contractor shall at all times keep the job site, including staging and storage areas used by the contractor, free from accumulations of waste material or rubbish. This material shall be removed on a daily basis to eliminate the accumulation of debris. Prior to completion of the work, the contractor shall remove from the vicinity of the work all shipping containers, packing, rubbish, unused materials, and other like material, belonging to the contractor or used under the contractor s direction. Under no circumstance will eating and drinking be allowed on the installation site.
The contractor will be responsible for any damage to the building, which occurs during delivery and installation. It is incumbent upon the successful contractor to identify any existing damage to the building by means of a Pre-Installation and Delivery Walk-Thru, and daily submissions of checklists to the designated agency representative on site. Proper measures (protective runners, pads, etc.) shall be utilized by the contractor to protect the building (elevators, walls, floors, etc.)

11. Performance Measurement
Specific requirements include, but not limited to the following:
Installation plan
Purchase of new flooring material(s)
Removal of existing carpet/Installation of new flooring material(s)
Performance measurement factors are as follows:
All coordination for project has been completed and adhered to consistent with VA requirements and specifications.
A thorough inspection with the vendor will produce a punch list that will be completed as part of the project requirement.
All items are delivered consistent with the contract.

The table below defines the Performance Standards and Performance Target associated with this effort.


Requirement Objective Supported
Method of Measurement
for Meeting or not Meeting the Performance Standards
Flooring Material(s)
Delivery/installation of flooring material(s)
Accuracy and timeliness of performance of task
100% of flooring material(s) delivered and installed within 45 days of contract award
A reduction in FFP payment of 1% will be deducted each calendar day until the performance standard is met.

Contractor is timely in providing timely deliverables
Accuracy and timeliness of performance of task
95% completed and delivered within the guidelines set forth in the SOW

12. Contractor Responsibilities
Unexpected conflicts during product installation must be brought to the COR within one (1) hour of discovery for resolution and implementation. Resolutions may include, but not limited to the following:
The Contractor shall correct (at the Contractor s expense) any installation problems, which are the result of delays, delivery errors, and damaged product.
The Contractor shall immediately remove from the premises all wrong/incorrectly shipped materials and damage materials, unless otherwise authorized by VA.
Damaged and/or missing product will be replaced by means that will prevent installation delays. Damaged product replacement will be at the Contractor s expense. All damaged product shall be removed from the job site immediately.
Within 24 hours after completing the product installation, the Contractor shall be present to walk through the space with VA representatives to verify the working conditions and quality of the flooring installation and jointly prepare a punch list of outstanding items.
The Contractor will be responsible for correcting punch list items within 30 working days after the walk-through.
Once all punch list items have been completed a final walk-through by VA representatives and the Contractor will take place. The walk-through shall be coordinated with VA.
The Contractor shall be responsible for managing the delivery and installation of the product on schedule and in accordance with the contract requirements.
Final measurements and drawings are the responsibility of the Contractor. Final measurements will be taken after contract award to verify all dimensions (critical and non-critical) to ensure accuracy.
Any/all excess flooring tiles shall be neatly left at the site with the Project Manager.

Lisa Lake, Contract Specialist

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