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Indefinite Delivery-Indefinite Quantity Architect-Engineer Contract For Civil Works Projects Within Los Angeles District, But May Be Used South Pacific Division Wide

California, United States
Government : Military
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1. CONTRACT INFORMATION: This Architect-Engineer Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) is being procured in accordance with the Brooks A-E Act as implemented in FAR Subpart 36.6. Firms will be selected for negotiation based on demonstrated competence and qualifications for the required work. This contract requires the respondent be licensed to perform Surveying and Mapping in the states of California, Arizona, Nevada and Utah. Additional licenses in the states of Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, and Wyoming are not required but will be considered. The majority of the work and services will be for civil works projects; however, there may be a smaller portion of the work and services for military projects.

This solicitation is 100% set aside for small business. Only small businesses will be considered for award, there is a limitation on subcontracting whereby "at least 50% of the cost of contract performance incurred for personnel" must be extended for employees of the prime firm as required by FAR 19.508(e) and 52.219-14.

There will be one (1) small business set-aside indefinite delivery contract for Architect-Engineer (A-E) services. The contract duration is for sixty (60) month period or until the not-to-exceed amount or $8,000,000.00 has been met, whichever occurs first.

Work will be issued by negotiated firm-fixed price task orders.

The estimated contract start date is February 2019 for a period of 60 months (through February 2024).

Work is subject to availability of funds. Estimated construction cost is not applicable.

The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code for this action is 541370. The size standard for this NAICS code is $14 million in average annual receipts.

The wages and benefits of service employees (see FAR 22.10) performing under this contract must be at least equal to those determined by the Department of Labor under the Service Contract Act, as determined relative to the employee's office location (not the location of the work).

To be eligible for contract award, a firm must be registered in the System for Award Management (SAM) at
Federal Customer Service Desk:; US Calls: 866-606-8220;
Hours: 8am - 8pm (Eastern Time)

2. PROJECT INFORMATION: The work and services may consist of any combination of all phases of surveying and mapping, including but not limited to aerial mapping, field surveying, hydrographic surveying, cadastral surveying, and geodetic surveys. The work and services may include photogrammetric mapping, airborne laser map compilation, terrestrial LiDAR, analytical bridging, orthophotography, precise leveling, total station mapping, and boundary surveys, using conventional survey techniques and differential Global Positioning System (GPS). Cutting edge technologies and methods, such as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) will be considered. The work and services may include coastal and oceanographic engineering studies, which will require capabilities in marine field data collection, surveying, and mapping for navigation and shore protection Civil Works projects at various locations in the Los Angeles District (Southern California). Specific types of marine field data collection include: multi-beam and single beam bathymetric sonar, side scan sonar, geophysical sub-bottom profiling, beach and surf bathymetric profiling, tidal and water level instrumentation, ocean wave and/or current instrumentation, and sediment tracer instrumentation. A-E services required in support of Quality Assurance includes hydrographic surveying in protected and exposed coastal waters to depths of approximately 75 feet, underwater hazard detection, dredging measurement and fill placement progress monitoring. The work and services may be prepared in metric units (System-International, SI), English units (U.S. Survey Foot), or International Feet and referenced to the State Plane Coordinate System or Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) coordinate grid system. Drawings and reports must be submitted in hard copy report format, Microstation design file (DGN) format, Inroads surface file (DTM) format, ArcGIS file format (surface file TIN format), AutoCAD (DWG) format, Orthophotographic (TIF) file format, ASCII points file (PTS) format and Terramodel (PRO) compatible electronic file formats. The firm selected for this contract will be expected to submit a quality control/quality assurance plan and to adhere to it during the work and services required under the contract. Surveys may be required to meet ASPRS standards, National Map Accuracy standards, and the Corps of Engineers Technical and Engineering manuals pertaining to survey and mapping. In Section H of the SF 330 describe the firm's Design Quality Control Plan (DQCP), including Design Quality Assurance Plan (DQAP) of subcontractor(s) work. The plan must be prepared and approved by the Government, as a condition of contract award, but is not required with this submission.

3. SELECTION CRITERIA: Firms responding to this announcement before the closing date will be considered for selection, subject to any limitations indicated with respect to size and geographic location or firm, specialized technical expertise or other requirements listed. Following initial evaluation of the qualifications and performance data submitted, three or more firms that are considered to be the most highly qualified to provide the type of services required, will be chosen for negotiations. Selection of firms for negotiation shall be made through an order of preference based on demonstration competence and qualifications necessary for the satisfactory performance of the type of professional services required. The selection criteria are listed below in descending order of importance, first by major criterion and then by each sub-criterion). Criteria (A) through (F) are primary. Criteria (G) through (H) are secondary and will be used as "tie-breakers" among firms that are essentially technically equal.

A. Specialized Experience and Technical Competence: (1) Survey and Mapping expertise in coastal, desert, and mountain environments; (2) Survey and Mapping data processing expertise in coastal, desert, and mountain environments; (3) Knowledge and expertise in performing complex monitoring functions for quantities; (4) Knowledge and expertise in performing complex geodetic, boundary, topographical surveys using standard surveying techniques, and/or kinematic differential GPS techniques; (5) Knowledge and expertise in large and small scale mapping projects, Metric and English survey and mapping units of measurement, and orthophotographic techniques; (6) Knowledge and expertise in large and small scale mapping projects, metric and English survey and mapping units of measurement, and orthophotographic techniques; (7) Expertise in airborne and ground based laser map compilation, analytical bridging, orthophotography; (8) multi-beam and single beam bathymetric sonar applications and analysis, (9) side scan sonar applications and analysis, (10) marine geophysical interpretation and analysis, (11) kinematics Differential Global Positioning System capabilities, (12) electronic navigation control capabilities, (13) full heave/pitch/roll motion compensation capabilities, (14) digital signal processing capabilities to reduce/decimate/analyze oceanographic field data described in this solicitation, and (15) specialized equipment typically associated with the types of marine field data collection described in this solicitation. (16) Ability to deliver CADD and digital terrain model files compatible with MicroStation (DGN), Inroads (DTM), Arcview (TIN), AutoCAD (DWG) file format and Terramodel (PRO) file formats.

B. Professional Qualifications. Qualified professional personnel in the following key disciplines: (1) Professional Land Surveying, Marine Surveying, Photogrammetry, Civil Engineering including Coastal and/or Ocean Engineering, Cartography; (2) engineering, survey, cartographic technicians. The evaluation will consider relevant experience, education, training, overall experience and longevity with the firm.

C. Past performance on DOD and Other Contracts with respect to cost control, quality of work and services, and compliance with performance schedules. CPARS performance evaluations will be provided by Contracting Division for rating by the Selection Board only. If CPARS evaluations are not available, the A-E firm will be given a "satisfactory" rating for this criteria.

D. Capacity to accomplish the work ( 1) Ability to meet project completion schedules and accomplish the work within the required time, sometimes on very short schedules (2) Ability to accomplish five multiple task orders simultaneously (3) Ability to provide two or more investigative teams at a time (4) Ability to perform up to $8 million in work of the required type over the life of the 5 year contract. (5) Ability to accomplish small task order under $50,000.00 in a cost-effective, timely manner. The evaluation will consider the experience of the firm and any consultants in contracts of similar complexity, and the availability of an adequate number of personnel in key disciplines.

E. Knowledge of localities. Such as, geological features, climatic conditions, hydrographic features, oceanographic conditions, and ellipsoidal and geoidal differences.

F. Geographic proximity (physical location) of the firm to the location the projects.

G. Extent of participation of small businesses, including women-owned, small disadvantaged businesses, historically black colleges and universities, and minority institutions in the proposed contract team, measured as a percentage of the total estimated effort. (only used as a tie-breaker for technically equal firms.)

H. Volume of DOD A-E contract awards in the last 12 months with the objective of effecting an equitable distribution of DoD A-E contracts among qualified firms, including SB and SDB. (only used as a tie-breaker for technically equal firms.)

4. SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS: Interested firms having the capabilities to perform this work are invited to submit three (3) hard copies of SF330 Part I, and three hard copies of SF330 Part II for the prime firm and all consultants and an electronic version of the completed SF330. Due to the limitation with the 8/2016 version, offerors may use previous versions of their own created version of the SF330, but it must contain the content reflected in the current SF330 dated 8/2016. Color is acceptable. Include DUNS number of the office that will perform the work. The SF 330 Part I shall not exceed 50 pages (8.5"x11"), including no more than five (5) pages for Section H. Each side of a sheet of paper is a page. Use 10 font type or larger. In Block E of the SF 330 provide resumes for all key team members, whether with the prime firm or a subcontractor; list specific project experience for key team members; and indicate the team member's role on each listed project (i.e. project manager, design engineer, etc.). In Block D of the SF 330 provide the quality management plan and organization chart for the proposed team. A specific design quality control plan must be prepared and approved by the government as a condition of contract award, but is not required with this submission. In Block F of the SF 330 provide 10 projects, all for the prime, unless major subcontractors with very relevant work, but still only 10 projects total. To hand carry a submittal, arrangements must be made through Maricela Zamora (213) 452-3250 to Carlos Antonio (213)452-3252 prior to delivery. Lengthy cover letter and generic corporation brochures or other presentation beyond those to sufficiently present a complete and effective response are not desired. Phone calls and personal visits are discouraged. No other notification will be made and no further action is required. Solicitation packages are not provided for A-E contracts and no additional project information will be given to firms during the announcement period. This is not a request for proposal. Point of Contact: Contracting Division, West Region Branch: Maricela Zamora at (213) 452-3250 or Carlos Antonio at (213) 452-3250.

Maricela A. Zamora, Contract Specialist, Phone 2134523250, Email - Carlos F. Antonio , Contract Specialist , Phone 2134523252, Email

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