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Hydrographic and Aerial Surveying

Virginia, United States
Government : Military
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1. All requirements of this announcement must be met for a firm to be considered for selection.

2. Interested firms with the capability of performing this work must submit one (1) copy of the SF 330 for the design team and one (1) copy of the SF 330 for the prime firm (including all consultants). The SF 330s shall be submitted via email to the Contract Specialist prior to or on the response date indicated in this announcement. SF 330 form can be found at this website,

3. All interested firms are advised that registration in the System for Award Management (SAM) is required prior to award of a contract. Failure to be registered in SAM may render your firm ineligible for award.

4. The SF 330 must also include the following:
a. Block H: Distance (in terms of POV driving miles) from address of office to perform the work and the Norfolk District.
b. Block H: Include your Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number and Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Code.
c. Firms with more than one office:
(1) Block C: this block should reflect the proposed project team, distinguishing, by discipline, between the number of personnel in the office to perform the work and the total number of personnel in the firm;
(2) Block E: each key person's office location;
d. Block E: Registrations must include the year, discipline and state in which registered;
e. Block F: Include a descriptive project synopsis of major items of work;
f. Block F: Indicate fee in terms of thousands of dollars, not percentage of work completed.
g. Describe demonstrated success in prescribing the use of recovered materials and achieving waste reduction and energy efficiency in facility design, FAR 36.602-1(a) (6). Prior to the final selection, firms considered highly qualified to accomplish the work may be interviewed either by telephone or by formal presentation.

5. PROVISIONS AND CLAUSES: Related provisions and clauses for this requirement are provided as an attachment to this notice. Interested firms are required to fill-in the appropriate clauses and submit a copy with the SF 330s. A solicitation will NOT be issued for this requirement.
6. The Government will not reimburse firms for costs associated with preparing and submitting SF 330s.

Danita Young, Contract Specialist , Email - Eartha Garrett, Contracting Officer, Email

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