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Hydraulic Sink Sources Sought Pursuing SDVOSB Set Aside

West Virginia, United States
Government : Federal
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Salient Characteristics Hydraulic Stainless-Steel Sink
-Sink must fit the dimensions of the GI Decontamination room. 110 x30 x34 45 high
-Must not obstruct receptacles on walls (Backsplash can be no high than 4 )
-Must be made from stainless steel completely
-Sinks must contain graduated measurements
-Must work with a right to left workflow
-Must have 3 sink compartments
-Sink must be easily adjustable height for staff ergonomics.
-Sinks must be minimum of 16in x 16in.x10in order to fit a 7ft 2 flexible endoscope without excessive coiling.

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