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Hotels Sought in the Licking County-Delaware County-and Greater Columbus Ohio Areas

Ohio, United States
Government : Federal
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Hotels are being sought in Licking County-Delaware County and in the Greater Columbus, and outlying areas for an upcoming Training Seminar (Nov 19 - 21st)

1 Conference room capable of handling 200 personnel.
Nov 19 Nov 20 Nov 21
9am - 4:30pm 8am - 4:30pm 8am - 3:30pm

Conference room requirements:
1 Primary Conference Room (No breakout rooms)
a. This must be setup in a classroom style with tables and chairs.

Audio Visual requirements:
2 Power Point Projectors
2 Screens (set to each side Right and Left of room from the presenter)
2 Microphones (1 for the speaker, 1 for the audience)
1 Power strip for the plugging in of lap tops and smartphones of attendees

Water stations for the participants.

Please advise us of what type of connection your Audiovisual projectors require (HDMI or Display Port)

The Hotels Network WiFi must be compatible with Government Computers.

We are a Federal Agency and therefore tax exempt. Please provide your bids with this in mind, The Tax Exemption Forms will be provided to the winning Hotel after the selection is made.

We will want to perform an inspection of the Conference Room and personnel rooms before a decision is made.

The decision will be made on Best Value to our agency's needs.

The conference room and AV will be paid for with a Government Purchase Card.
Along with this Solicitation will be a need for handling 140(+-) personal rooms for the overnight stay of the attendees. Overnight accommodations for Nov 19th and 20th

Parking for 100 +- cars.

This will be at the Federal Employee per Diem rate.

These personal rooms will be booked and paid for separately by the individuals and therefore NOT officially part of this solicitation.

However, having them available in the same Hotel IS a requirement for entertaining this event.
The government will not pay for any unused guest rooms.
We will want to coordinate for the times of opening the block of rooms for booking, closing the block of rooms and cutoff dates for booking of rooms, and the releasing of un-booked rooms.

Jonathan L. Conlon, Administrative Specialist, Phone 6142552449, Email

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